Twilight at Odiorne Point

The wedged driftwood sits nestled in the rocks, for the lasting.
The swirling tidewaters are forceful and abrading, rounding off it’s sharp edges.
Many a suns’ whitening, and sandblasting, gave it’s gift by the sea.
As the wind whistles through the pines, sailing right on up to the shore; I am still…
Deep within, I hear a music box, with intricate, revolving cylinders.
To my comfort, I have learned to listen.
A pelting scratch, a jingle cut, in the safety of a warm thatched hut.
In my heart, I have learned to rest, long side the precious, soft, and silvery driftwood.
Nice to sit by the ocean, and feel the breeze so peaceful, and calming.
When Looking back, knowing with certainty; God has been there all the while.
Thank you Jesus, for Your perfect unconditional love.
There is no doubt. There is a voice, there is a voice, there is a voice that soothes my ears and carries far.
A prayerful praise unto Thee
Kelly S Griswold
Twilight at Odiorne point

Kelly Griswold-June, 2013

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