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Hi, I’m Kelly Sampson-Griswold. I’ve been writing songs since I was a teenager. I write songs from my heart. Hope you enjoy them. Now and then, if you need someone older, there’s a song for you. one of my favorites is “Peace I leave with you…”

This site is still under construction, but we will be posting more soon!

God Bless, Love Always, Kelly


Kelly Griswold-singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar “Notoriety Oxymoron Band” Deborah Webb-violin, Chantelle Griswold-mandolin, viola, sax, Larry Griswold-Sound Engineer. Worked with Record Producer Harry King. *- Sam Kennedy-drums and Tim Moore-congas, marimba


Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. , Daniel Griswold-For Sheriff, Third Day, Creedence Clear Water Revival, Byrds, John Denver, “Notoriety Oxymoron Band”. All of our experiences in life that bring us closer to Jesus.

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