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I Know A Man

I know a man, that I could not be more proud of. He was walking down the street, in downtown Boston; and to his surprise, came upon a man, lying in the street, being kicked and punched over and over in the head. This man I know, intervened, hollered at, and scared the perpetrator away! The poor man was lying on the ground. He had no legs and his wheel chair was at quite a distance from him. The victims money (What was left of it) was strewn upon the ground around him. The Good Samaritan, Incredible Hulk, lifted him and put him back into his wheel chair; and he gathered his money and gave it to him. I am saddened to hear that many pedestrians just walked on by. Thank God for heroes in my book, good samaritans. This man I know, that I am so proud of is my son Aaron. xoxo

The Joy of Life Divine

I’ve learned, that it’s best not to murmur
Toils come our way, that’s for sure
A rougher path, builds lasting wisdom
Dodge all the barbs, taunting lure

Not ‘round, up the mountain, straight to the glen
If rocky path, mine, up again
Persevere long and to God, leave the why
To God give it, even the when

Sunshine is always over shadow
Illuminating light o’er my shoes
The rainbow breaks through in it’s His due time
Someday, the resolution ensues

If I persevere, in faith
I’ll reap a harvest, of white
Waiting on God, is the royal way
The joy of life, tis mine

Kelly S Griswold

I’d Rather Love

Better to serve than to fix
The Lords perfect love in the mix
Discern how and when
To listen once again
Finding the heart line my friend

Never undermine, let time unwind
The beauty of His healing hand
Perfectly timed
Best to water than nix
Although painful; the lesson is learned …

All the while, the bud gently opens
And love grows anew, flawlessly
The rose beholds
The most graceful stem turned
Showing it’s face unto Thee

Kelly S Griswold

His Heart, My Gaze

“He has shown thee oh mortal, what is good
And what doth The Lord require of you
To do justly, and to love mercy
And to walk humbly with Thy God
Micah 6:8”

Look up unto the bright Sun
Feel the warmth from up above
There’s a power in being selfless
Fueled by Gods’ pure love

Thank Him for His mercy
Look to Jesus not below
His provision is quite perfect
In His precious plan we go

Holdfast the new course running
He’ll show you the way
His Peace is like a river
Flowing through your heart today …

His law written pon
Your heart deep within
The Grace of His mercy
Covers all your sin …

Walk on in the Spirit
Walk on in His love
His peace forever inyour heart
With His power from above

Kelly S Griswold

God Scent

Sittin on the settee
With the windows open wide
Rain spray through the window vent
Makes me feel alive

Thick organic mushroom scent
Throughout the mossy dell
Lily of the valley still
Sweet bells lulling smell

A healing scent, the oil of Joy
‘Long sounds, of the whipperwill
Springtimes ever steady rain
Brings the green grass, all its fill

And I hear You Lord
I’m grounded in Your word
Your song is in my heart
Like nothing ever heard

It can’t be time for bed
‘Til I pray for all my kin
Lord, keep them safe and sound tonight
‘Til dawns mercy breaks again

Geosmins sweet musky scene
Tween the trees each one
There was much more rain this year …
Looking for the sun

And I love you Lord
I’m grounded in Your word
Your song is is in my heart forever
Like nothing ever heard

Kelly S Griswold

Abundant Love

On an old familiar country road
Done kickin up the dust
With every little nook and cranny
Loved past wanderlust

At the end of the road, beyond the bend
A gate, always unlatched
Where your ne’er a stranger, but a friend
In love no strings attached

A country cabin, sits back lone
Perpetual porch light on
With rocking chairs and moccasins
For warm stories, told till dawn

With fire aglow and featherbed
We’ll all sleep when sleep is due
With Gods’ abundant love bestowed
Neath the grace of another moon

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Sweet Relief

Every stress you’ve ever had
Is waiting for a prayer
With faith, a touch of pure belief
There’s someone who does hear

Reaching out your hand to Him
You’ve found a love that cares
A breath of salutary air
The salve that mends the tear

His Name is Jesus Christ our Lord
His peace is sweet relief
Casting out the fear endured
That held you down for years

His perfect love will set your wings
In the comfort of a Dove
The power of His listening ear
Healing from above

Kelly Sampson Griswold

In Him

Rising and shining. To God be the glory

Thank you Lord for another beautiful day
To breathe the cool crisp air
To walk with You and to talk with You
We are fearfully and wonderfully made; and we belong.
As we contemplate each new day, to do your bidding; we are honored to worship and serve You. We love You Lord. We give our hearts to You; surrendering to your will daily.
We know that Your ways are the key and that You are our treasure.
Lord fill us with Your Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperence. With Faith hope and love, the greatest is love.
As we meet the demands of the new day; not only in all of it’s beauty; but in each of it’s challenges; we are victorious because of You. We yearn for You Holy Spirit, groaning, as we learn to put our total trust in You. We are not perfect, Lord, but You are. We don’t have all the answers, but we know that You do. In Your loving kindness and mercy, You are the healer, restorer, and Victor over all adversity. You are the very dew of our lives, infinite and boundless, as it descended upon the mountains of Zion. That is enough.
We serve You and You alone. In a hurting world; we pray without ceasing; and we speak as a peaceful babbling brook; of Your marvelous, wondrous love.

Dear God of mercy and grace, we love You; and we need You every hour. We are redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.
We thank you Heavenly Father, for each precious moment, whether difficult or not. We count it all joy for the cause of Christ; each moment, a moment of growth. These are the times in our lives where in with You, as our Savior; our character is built.

For all that You’ve done and continue to do in us; we thank You Lord.
Your perfect plan and purpose is unfolding for us, moment by moment, with Your marvelous love for us all.
Guide us in the beauty of Your perfect light.
To You, All Glory, Honor and Praise
In the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit we pray,

Wishing you a nice new sunshiney day friend
You are so loved k


Truth and Confidence (Irish Folk Song)

Tip toe slowly, through the grass
Gentle footprints, little lassie
Tread aware … And while you go
Go lightly … lightly low.

And where you are, little lovely
Tender hearted … True
Know, you know … just what you know
Tis treasure, in your glow.

Tip toe slowly, through the grass
Gentle footprints, little lassie
Tread aware, and while you go
Go lightly, … lightly low

Be true to yourself, … within the dance
Your face, your smile, Gods Countenance
Know you know …just what you know
Tis treasure, in your glow

Words and music
Kelly S Griswold

Jesus Is The Absolute

Sometimes it’s hard to understand
Why the heathen rage and rage
Derision rips and rips the stage
Filthy rags just rag and rag
Sadness looking like a hag
With horns and tails that wag and tag
Rationalism is their bag
And misery loves company
To choose and ultimately lose …
I cry …
Oh Jesus You’re the absolute
In a world that turned and hated You
Glorifying self instead
Attitudes that make them fall
Better to side in the Truth of God
To come and heed His Holy place
Of perfect love, mercy, grace
When they need a stable warm…
They’ll find it in Your open arms
When they a need a stable warm …
They’ll find it in Your open arms

Kelly S. Griswold