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Sweet Relief

Every stress you’ve ever had
Is waiting for a prayer
With faith, a touch of pure belief
There’s someone who does hear

Reaching out your hand to Him
You’ve found a love that cares
A breath of salutary air
The salve that mends the tear

His Name is Jesus Christ our Lord
His peace is sweet relief
Casting out the fear endured
That held you down for years

His perfect love will set your wings
In the comfort of a Dove
The power of His listening ear
Healing from above

Kelly Sampson Griswold

In Him

Rising and shining. To God be the glory

Thank you Lord for another beautiful day
To breathe the cool crisp air
To walk with You and to talk with You
We are fearfully and wonderfully made; and we belong.
As we contemplate each new day, to do your bidding; we are honored to worship and serve You. We love You Lord. We give our hearts to You; surrendering to your will daily.
We know that Your ways are the key and that You are our treasure.
Lord fill us with Your Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperence. With Faith hope and love, the greatest is love.
As we meet the demands of the new day; not only in all of it’s beauty; but in each of it’s challenges; we are victorious because of You. We yearn for You Holy Spirit, groaning, as we learn to put our total trust in You. We are not perfect, Lord, but You are. We don’t have all the answers, but we know that You do. In Your loving kindness and mercy, You are the healer, restorer, and Victor over all adversity. You are the very dew of our lives, infinite and boundless, as it descended upon the mountains of Zion. That is enough.
We serve You and You alone. In a hurting world; we pray without ceasing; and we speak as a peaceful babbling brook; of Your marvelous, wondrous love.

Dear God of mercy and grace, we love You; and we need You every hour. We are redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.
We thank you Heavenly Father, for each precious moment, whether difficult or not. We count it all joy for the cause of Christ; each moment, a moment of growth. These are the times in our lives where in with You, as our Savior; our character is built.

For all that You’ve done and continue to do in us; we thank You Lord.
Your perfect plan and purpose is unfolding for us, moment by moment, with Your marvelous love for us all.
Guide us in the beauty of Your perfect light.
To You, All Glory, Honor and Praise
In the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit we pray,

Wishing you a nice new sunshiney day friend
You are so loved k


Truth and Confidence (Irish Folk Song)

Tip toe slowly, through the grass
Gentle footprints, little lassie
Tread aware … And while you go
Go lightly … lightly low.

And where you are, little lovely
Tender hearted … True
Know, you know … just what you know
Tis treasure, in your glow.

Tip toe slowly, through the grass
Gentle footprints, little lassie
Tread aware, and while you go
Go lightly, … lightly low

Be true to yourself, … within the dance
Your face, your smile, Gods Countenance
Know you know, just what you know
The treasure of your confidence

Words and music
Kelly S Griswold

Jesus Is The Absolute

Sometimes it’s hard to understand
Why the heathen rage and rage
Derision rips and rips the stage
Filthy rags just rag and rag
Sadness looking like a hag
With horns and tails that wag and tag
Rationalism is their bag
And misery loves company
To choose and ultimately lose …
I cry …
Oh Jesus You’re the absolute
In a world that turned and hated You
Glorifying self instead
Attitudes that make them fall
Better to side in the Truth of God
To come and heed His Holy place
Of perfect love, mercy, grace
When they need a stable warm…
They’ll find it in Your open arms
When they a need a stable warm …
They’ll find it in Your open arms

Kelly S. Griswold

When I am proud as a Mother

As a Mother hen protects her brood
In ways no one works harder
The Lord our God He saves us all
Puts thunderclouds asunder

Lullabies, they dance and smile
Each day and every night
Every danger in the way
Is met by Jesus Christ

My family grew to know The Lord
We lived in church most days
I am so proud of who they are
He leads them well today

In some ways, my job as Mother
May quite well be done
But in my heart they surely know
I’m here from sun to sun

By Kelly Sampson Griswold


When I hear the rain come down
It makes me feel alive
The smell of oak leaves, reddish brown
With last years sage and thyme

Leaves roll backward ‘gainst the wind
The birds sing restless songs
That is when, I need stand firm
And brace for roughest times

It’s coming whether, liked or not
Imminent, the tide
As quickly as it rises high
It flows back to the low

To confidently order things
Prepared, I have the word
When presented with a test
I look to Him above

When I hear the rain come down
It makes me feel alive
His love will insulate my nest
‘Tis there it’s safe and sound

By Kelly S Griswold
Rest well friend
You are so loved k

See The Children Run

Kelly Sampson Griswold

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DTM Concord

Up in Concord today at the coffee shop this mornin. Sipping coffee and gazing out at the Skyscaped windows. The early morning sunlight breaking through the sky is such a cathartic experience for me with splotches of bright azure blue.
Simple laughter and light banter begin to fill the room. Echoes of life, in suits and white shirts, as well as sweaters and pretty blue jeans saunter around, they grin with a sprite hello, as if a squirrel’s stash of nuts spilled over and just couldn’t be contained.
I begin to smell the familiar yeasty, robust, rising, of crusty breads permeating my senses.
These walls are infused with all that’s “happening” on chalkboards of love and business in the community. Everyone gets a free newspaper in this coffee shop and a kind and caring word. Life is poppin!
Every morning a nice lady opens up the coffee shop at the crack of dawn.
Out comes the first steamy loaf. She quickly tip toes over and puts a hot fresh slice of Heaven onto my table. A good morning, and a tear wells up. Such kindness here.
Well, hats off to penning a few thoughts to this good, new day; the music of the senses.
God bless you with kindness wherever you roam, friend.
You are so loved by a great and mighty God
His name is Jesus and He died to let you know.

Have a great day k