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My Friend

Thankful to be alive and breathing
Immersed in the mizzle
Of a bright yellow rose
The sign of friendship that comes our way
With a gentle reminder
That all is ok
Thankful for You oh Lord
You call me friend
I pray my joy in You O Lord
To overflow
To all my loved ones and friends

May the Lord immerse you in His love today
Shining as bright and beautiful, yellow rose

“Greater love has no one than this,
than someone lay down is life for his friend”
John 15:13

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Divine Mercy

I’ve sailed for miles in this creaky boat
From pier to pier and out to sea
His Divine and Loving Mercy donned
Saving me unceasingly
I hear the wind and water sing
With laps that rocks and hardness bring
Beating balanced beams with prayer
Reaping blessings fodder fare
Pouring down from Christ The Lord
The oil of joy for mourning bare
Gluing of the seams to float
By His graceful pardoning
This truth that truly frees my soul
Sets my rudder guides my row
Once I grasped the letting go
All is calm, and stable here

Divine Loving Mercy …
Flowing in the water …
Float you to a restful sleep …

Words and Music by Kelly Sampson Griswold


Sometimes we meet people who may seem very indifferent, aloof, tough, afraid of closeness afraid to trust.
Afraid to feel again. Their heart has been broken; and sometimes many times over. They are angry and have
pushed their true feelings down; facing the world alone; closing the door on love. On an intellectual level
they may survive from a distance, keeping everyone and everything at a safe distance away-but the bars are
slammed and closed tight on the doors of their heart. Deep down inside they yearn for complete freedom to be
close again. It comes with the special healing love of letting go of the past, and forgiveness. The prism of
all the precious little idiosyncrasies still shine, but with little shades on them in spectacular ways really.
They move quickly with head tilted downward as to not be in anyone’s way. They don’t know even how beautiful
they really are.
I just want to say to say darlin, “you’re worth more than many a sparrows so run and fly be free again!”
Leave all pretense and sham, don’t be afraid and start anew.. Leave your pain behind you. where it belongs
(Forgiven) and fly!” God has something fantastic in store for you. when it is grasped; this kind of Love.
You’ll be really riding like the wind. Free again.
There is a love that you need that heals you and never break your heart. A love that can be yours; held
deep inside forever. A love that replaces all of your past pain. It will forever transform your broken cold
heart into a warm and tender happy heart.
I pray for you to feel this love. I love to love you and tell you of this great love. The love of our
precious Lord Jesus Christ. It is for you! A free gift free of charge. No strings attached.
Grab it!
Kelly S Griswold

And we know that all things work together for the good
To those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

The Mending Tree

It seemed the ole guitar had seen it’s day
After one more ride
On the many cold, calloused, bumpy, winter nights
Holding out against the turbulence, as long as it could
The storm was brewing and snapped the bell
Made of wood and boundaries
Maybe It held on a tad too tight
Before It grew a crack, a canyon deep
I looked upon it’s sad sad state
A salve, a luthiers doctoring hand
Fashioned anew with the glue
A bright new song of Jesus love rings out
At the end of the line, from that very same bridge; the sun broke through it’s maple wood curled
A new sound stage, had now unfurled
I never was good at saying goodbye
The mended bell…
Always will be
Kelly S Griswold