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Amber Grass

At last the spring has sprung
Tis naked the amber grass
Yearning for the light of day
Massaging and brushing my feet
I see the sun in it’s breaking
Along the open meadows, side rungs
Past the cold winter shale
Covering the litten pass

Kelly S Griswold

My Children

I still can hear
My children’s call
In moments past
The rhythms awl
In times of stillness, they unfold
All of their beauty, in one breath
Forever heaped, my heart behold
Sheer wishes, warmth and comfort dressed
Blessed with Jesus touch, so soft
Tears of Joy roll down my face
As I stop to reminisce
How swift the stroll, of budding brood
In morning dreams, of yesteryear
The time of babes, where has it gone
By Kelly S Griswold