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A friend had a stroke

A friend of ours had a stroke last week mowing his lawn. He lost memory and speech so far and going to rehab.
We pray through Jesus our Saviour to touch Jim in Your special healing way. Grant him and MaryAnn peace, comfort and supply for all their needs. In the name of Jesus our Saviour, the Father and Holy Spirit we pray.


Autumn appeared in a flash once again. As quickly as time seemed to fly;
A kaleidoscope of colors met my eye. A quilted feather bed, formed from Heaven.
Looking out across the wooded path; Jutting out, just past the pond;
the entrance of that old familiar stream. I walked along the path as wispy
little feathers danced and landed weightless upon my head; releasing themselves
from the sky in floating flight. A million helicopters burning bright. Falling
falling Falling and giving up the fight; melding into carpet patches laid down just for me.
I rested there, upon the bearded hillside, and I just sighed in wonder. I thanked
my Lord and Savior Jesu Christ, for my relationship with Him; His endless love for
me; for forgiving me of all my sins; for His precious grace; the very ground upon
which I stand and trod. For making all things new as the old things pass away.
I gave thanks and prayed for my family that I love. The winter months are coming.
I prayed for His protection over them all. I Thanked God for His perfect everlasting love;
and for all of the beauty He bestows upon His people For all of us to see. His Majesty,
in full array for all of us in all of His splendor. I said to myself, “Praise You oh Lord,
You’re all we need” k

Kelly S Griswold

His Love For Me

He shines His love into my heart. He accepts me.
He sees me and gives me the free gift of His Son… He smiles.
I live for God and His ways, and not mine.
My desire is to live for Jesus. to be His workmanship; created for his good works, in Christ.
Its the best feeling to be smiled upon … By God.
Looked upon, with acceptance, mercy and grace; with friendship and protection; and even just to know that He Enjoys spending time with me,
just based on our fellowship together. His love for me overwhelms me and I am so thankful.
That realization, causes me to rest in who I am (through Him) and to be my best self without effort; because it is He that I glorify.
In His Name, I live my life; by the power of His Spirit.
I am so thankful that He never grows weary, and that his compassion for me never fails. His mercies never end;
and His righteousness is mine,
I won’t miss out.
On the relationship God wants to have with me… the one where He sacrificed His life so that I could live. I pray for Him to keep changing me Moment by moment, to have His attitude and not mine.
The creator of the universe, gives me free will. He does not coerse,
manipulate … guilt, or interfere with who I am, to engage in our relationship,…
He is love and all that love shines in me
Kelly S Griswold