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Let Him Sing the Song

Help us oh Lord To have a teachable Spirit A compassionate one And a heart filled with love Attuned to You perfectly atoned A healing place that flows Like a river over stones Not in and of our own – When doing what is right Can sometimes feel so wrong We cannot rest until we know To let Him sing the song When all we care for is past the pain Patience has her way While rejoicing on within the truth To Lose is surely gain To love in all the right ways Selflessly lowly tide Seeing things through Jesus eyes With right and holy bide When doing what is right Can sometimes feel so wrong We cannot rest until we know To let Him sing the song – Kg

Rightful Place

I haven’t sung in quite awhile
It’s not about the singing
I’m working on the song I feel
Down to the marrow ringing
Not only with the bread alone
The living Word I seek
Jesus bring your wisdom
To this yearning heart so meek
Temporal sand and treasures
They will never satisfy …
It’s all about Your love my King
Walking with You by and by
I haven’t gone out in quite awhile
Don’t care if I belong …
In this world of missing hallelujahs
To the One who is The Song
I know that only Jesus fills
Sating my souls font
I need Him every hour
Not just in my want …
My heart is held in happiness
In it’s rightful place
Breathing in the newness
Of my Lords loving lair

-Kelly S Griswold ’15


Together we will find the way
To dance beneath the trees
To grow in loving Harmony
With God our center seed
He has made a covenant
The cross to intercede
Reconciling all To Him
With nothing to impede
Love and grace and mercy strewn
As flowers in the field …
Our desire is to do for others
Your love in us revealed
kg. 15

Forgive One Another

“Be ye kind one to,another
Forgiving one another
Even as God
For Christ’s sake’
Has forgiven you”
Ephesians 4-32
Don’t be too hard on others dear friend
Try to remember that you are forgiven
For many things by your Heavenly Father
Make no room for bitterness to take root in your heart
Be filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit in love
Let go and live in contentment
Ponder, practice, and pray for others in love
Happiness follows from above
Have a super day friend
You are so loved k


You are a child
Of our Heavenly Father and King …
You are forgiven and loved
Feel the Joy that He brings
You are a joint heir with Jesus
Victorious over all
Through the power of His name
Blessed child hear His call -
kg. 15

In Him

Rising and shining and giving God the glory
Thank you Lord for another beautiful day
To breathe the cool crisp air
To walk with You and to talk with you …
We are fearfully and wonderfully made
And we belong.
As we contemplate each new day, to do your bidding;
We are honored to worship and serve You. We love You Lord.
We give our hearts to You, surrendering to your will daily.
We know that Your ways are the key and that You are our treasure.
Lord Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness Gentleness and Self Control. With Faith hope and love, the greatest being love
As we meet the demands of the new day; not only in all of it’s beauty; but in each of it’s challenges; we are victorious because of You. We yearn for You Holy Spirit as we learn to put our total trust in You.
Thank You Lord. In Your loving kindness and mercy, You are the healer, restorer, and Victor over all adversity. You are our very dew of our lives. That is enough.
We serve You and You alone.
In a hurting world; we speak as a peaceful babbling brook; of Your marvelous, wondrous love.
Dear God of mercy and grace, we love You; and we need You every hour.
We are redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb
and we thank you Heavenly Father, for each precious moment, whether difficult or not. We count it all Joy for the cause of Christ, each moment of growth. These are the times in our lives where in You as our Savior, our Character is built.
For all that You’ve done and continue to do in us,; we thank You Lord.
Your perfect plan and purpose is unfolding for us moment by moment
With Your Marvelous love for us all.
Guide us in the beauty of Your perfect light
To You, All Glory, Honor and Praise
In the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit,
Wishing you a nice new weekend friend
You are so loved k
Kg. 15

Morning Song

“And hope maketh us not ashamed
Because the love of God is shed abroad
In our hearts by the Holy Ghost
Which has been given to us.”
Romans 5-5
Oh the love of Jesus
Our rock our confidence
His love that never changes
That sees us through all stormy seas
His love our anchor holding
His love poured out
In me and you
His love … His love … His love so true
Is all we’ll ever need
Kg. morning song

Break of Dawn

At the break of dawn
I hear the birds proclaiming His Majesty
They sing with confidence.
They know that God takes care of their needs.
May this new week bring you joy from dawn to dusk
Knowing that your strength is renewed; as the eagle flys,
High above the fray, proclaiming the new day, for the glory of The Lord
“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart
All ye that hope in The Lord.” Psalms 31-24
Have an awesome love filled new week friend.
Give the world one of those delightful contagious, smiles of yours!
They have wings k

Great Calm

Jesus calmed the Sea in the midst of the storm.
He said Peace be still and the wind ceased
and there was a great calm.
Lord, we ask for Your calm to be upon all of our lives
that we will feel Your peace and Your great calm.
Your Holy word says, “All things work together for the good to them that love God to them that are called according to HIs purpose.”
Although the wind may howl outside your window pain and the storm may be raging; you can rest assured in His peace knowing that He’ll always take care
of you.

Faith Expressed

Faith expressed and set in stone
Not in earthly wisdom
Through Christ our Lord, His power alone
The treasure of His Kingdom -…
Unwavering, Unfailing Lord
He’s always Victor over
Every heartache, every woe
Our strong and steady drover
We need not fear, we’re not alone
He is always by our side
Our peace and comfort in each storm
Ever present help and guide
Kelly S Griswold
With faith and trust in Him
We need never fear
The victory is here
Have a super day friend