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Sweet Fragrance

The fragrance of the air so sweet
Rises with you now
The cadence of the song you sing
So healing to the brow
In looking up the tears will fall
But beautiful are they
The cleansing power of Jesus Name
Your new hearts
Sun bouquet

Autumn Leaf

There’s a gentle wind
Outside my window pane
Blowing me a kiss, in the breeze
The quiet shadow of the leaves
Brushes upon my face
Designing pretty kaleidoscope sheaves
Ushering in, the sunshine phase
Reflecting Gods warmth
In my heart …
Steadily, perfectly and rhythmically
The pendulum is moving
Back and forth
Balancing itself in the wind
The leaf falls lightly to the ground
Comforting me …
Gods’ kindness is lulling me back to sleep …
I may never wake up

-Kelly S Griswold

Have a beautiful day friend

Stop Fighting

Whatever you’re fighting …
God’s already won the battle!
So stop fighting … (:

Psalms 139

How precious are your thoughts unto me oh God.
How vast are the number of them
If I were to count them
They would outnumber the sands of the sea
And if I were to complete them …
Still …
Thou art with me

Psalms 139

He is Your Rest

Jesus is The Great I Am
It is so comforting to know
That we can come to You Dear Lord
Always and forever … For anything
That concerns us
You and You alone are God
And You will never reject us

You say in your Word
Come unto Me
All who are heavy laden
And I will give you rest

Jesus Is the Lord of All
Of what is
And always will be
In the here
And in the now
He is the rest
Upon your brow
Give Him all your anxious fears
They will subside and disappear
Come to Jesus, Come today
Let Him love your cares away

“The Lord is my strength and my fortress
He is my God and I trust Him”
Psalm 91

Have a great new week friend k