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Love you Ma.
Miss you . . .
Remembering your favorite Bible verse …
And remembering your steadfast love,
that forever wraps around my heart.
“Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” Psalms 37:4

Mothers Day Letter from my Daughter

Nancy Griswold-Vanderbilt

Mom, you are something words cannot express to me.
You have been strong when I needed strength.
You have been giving when other’s needed you.
You have been selfless your whole life.
You have been kind to all you encounter.
You have been encouragement to myself and everyone who needed it.
You taught me how to be kind, selfless, giving, an encourager, a fighter, and so much more.
But most of all, you taught me how to be a mother.
You taught me how to care for the littles that God has put in my hands.
I may not always believe that I am the best mother but I know where to turn when I need advice or inspiration.


You are the only person in the entire world that I can go to for anything and everything (other than the best daddy in the whole world).

You are my MOMMY forever!

Happy Mother’s Day.


Spring, A Colorful Menagerie

Tea for me
Outside today
In the bowers
Safe cafe
I’m watching all the buds appear
In honor of the King …
Sprouting skyward
Leaping near
The creeping phlox
Under the clouds
Of a weeping cherries glow
Wings of stately elephant tusks
Towering atop the living rocks
Purples, blues, yellows, greens
Such a colorful menagerie
Shouldering me
Holding me
Enfolding me
Yet springing free
Springing free

Trust in the Lord

“Trust in The Lord with all thine heart
And lean not unto thine own understanding”
Proverbs 3:5
Dearest Lord
You are The Holy One …
And You are The Most High
Thank you for everything
You love us and will never let us go.
We are secure in You oh Lord.
In You, we can handle anything that comes our way
In You, we have the wisdom and the understanding
In every situation.
As We trust in You with all our heart mind and not in our own thinking
Sure and pure is the victory in You. Our comings and goings are safe in You.
You make our paths straight. Happy is the way
Have a great great day friend xo k See More
“I Choose to trust …”
He who set the sun and the stars in the sky, We give you thanks, and praise dear Lord.
Even when we are weary …
In You, we dwell and move and have our being. You are a very present help in time of need. You are our safety.
He that dwells in the secret place… Of the Most High…Shall abide in the Presence…Of His shadow. Psalms 91:1
Dearest Lord, You are our re…fuge… And strength. As We live and breathe and go to work work each day; we work in the capacity of the gifts you have given; We listen to Your still small voice. We are at peace as we draw from you. We trust in You. We know that there is no other hope, than the hope of You. Let us show your love in each response to others, as we go about our day. Let us see you in the heart of everyone.
We learn to heed to Your ways moment by moment; and not our own. This takes only to trust without taking control. Leaving our cares behind. You love us, and that’s what matters. You keep us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed on you.
We learn from our mistakes in the power of the Holy Spirit. When we make mistakes, You are faithful to us Lord. You still love us the same. You are there to help us and gently show us Your Way. Your Holy Spirit is in our hearts to teach us and to protect us all the way safely back home, where we belong. You are our home filled with unconditional love.
You made us all differently with special characteristics and gifts Lord. Your people are so exciting; all fearfully and wonderfully made. Keep us close to You Lord in word and action.
In You We find our comfort. We want to be more like You. Through You, we are as a precious lamb washed as white a snow. You alone are the Holy one. You alone are the most high; and wherever you lead; we will go. You give us The strength to carry on, Amen
“I will say of The Lord; He is my refuge and my fortress; my God; In Him will I trust” Psalms 91:2
Have a great day friend
You are so loved k

Thank You Jesus For My Mother

Pressing on strings of Heaven
Love songs fill my soul anew
For I see you on the inside
Of each drop of royal morning dew
As the fresh dawn awakes
Yea my heart it doth so ache …
For I’m missin bits of yesteryear
Hues of pretty greens and blues
As I’m Sipping tea at breakfast
The countryside moves into my view
The resonant stride of jeans appear
Loves Draperies of you
Where we walked the long and winding roads
Before flying home to rest
Up the drive, the joyful jaunts
The vibrant, clear, and vivid view
Of toughness, courage, tenacity
That only Jesus love could bring
‘Twas the strength that you gave to me
In the stories that you told
Of Growing up in simple faith
That hardships really are no load
For tis Jesus that would carry us
Through Anything at all …
‘Twas you my mother Who taught me ere
On Him alone that we must call
Thank you Jesus for my Mother
Who taught me … All
On Him alone that we must call

May You Feel His Peace

Have a beautiful day, loves of The Lord
May you feel his peace …
His Sonshine touch you in His warmth
May you let the trials of this world roll off your back
Look to Him. Trust in Him wholly, and
As you seek His face continuously …
Pray without ceasing
Moving in His grace
His love and tender mercy for you endures forever

DTM Concord

Up in Concord today workin on the music at Einsteins coffee shop this mornin. Sipping coffee and gazing out at the Skyscaped windows. The early morning sunlight breaking through the sky is such a cathartic experience for me. Splotches of bright azure blue are transcending yesterday’s clouds; and I pray this painting meanders awhile.
Simple Laughter and light banter begin to fill the room. Echoes …of life saunter around; as if a squirrel’s stash of nuts spilled over and just couldn’t be contained.
I begin to smell the familiar yeasty, robust, rising, of crusty breads permeating my senses.
These walls are infused with all that’s “happening” on chalkboards of love and business in the community. Everyone gets a free newspaper in this coffee shop and a kind and caring word. Life is poppin!
Thanking God for the kind words of “Carol” who sets up coffee all around the world. The one who, every morning opens up the coffee shop stage rack of dawn. Out comes the first steamy loaf. She quickly tip toes over and puts a hot fresh slice of Heaven onto my table. A good morning and a tear welling up. Such kindness out here.
Well, hats off to writing; the music of the senses.
God bless you with kindness wherever you roam, friend. Have a great day k

The Lord is with You as You Sleep

As your eyelids are getting heavy
Remember that The Lord is with you even as you are sleeping
He is watching over us all under the starry sky
I pray that your rest is complete in Him tonight
And always xo k

The Balm of Gilead

The Balm of Gilead

Where two or more are gathered here, in My Name
I Am in the midst you, Don’t you fear
Your voice, I want to hear, My dear
You don’t have to run and hide away
You see every time you cry
So do I…

Whisper in my ear, tell Me how you feel
Are you hurting today
With angels a myriad
I’m Your Balm of Gilead

Where two or more are gathered here, in My name
I Am in the midst of you , Don’t you fear
If you think that things are getting much too burdensome my child
I already faced those things at the Cross
Where I loved you till I died
So bring all of your troubles to My side

Whisper in my ear, tell Me how you feel
Are you hurting today
With angels a myriad
I’m Your Balm of Gilead

Yeah though you walk through the shadows
Just a little while, I go to prepare a mansion for you
So tarry by My side
I have sent to you a comforter
To help you know the Power of My Love
I’ve felt every pain that you sighed…

Whisper in my ear, tell Me how you feel
Are you hurting today
With angels a myriad
I’m Your Balm of Gilead

Words and Music Kelly Sampson Griswold 2012

Having Nothing, Having Jesus, I Have Everything

For what shall we have if we gain the whole world, but be losing our own soul… Dearest, we would have nothing. You see the way I see things; If I have everything and have not Jesus … I have nothing; and if I have nothing, but having Jesus; I have everything …
You are so loved k