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Our Comfort

“The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
The Lord make his face shine upon thee,
And be gracious unto thee:
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee,
And give thee peace.”
Be blessed dear friend …
The Lord blesses and keeps His people from harm
He is our life line and our sanctuary
Our lamplight in deepest darkest night
Our safety, our comfort
Our all
As long as We have Him, We shall not fear the arrow by day
Or the terror by night
For He is with us wherever we go and protects us the whole way through k

Know Your Worth

Good morning love
God is love
The Giver of life
Refreshing as brisk cool water
Upon your beautiful face
His grace is renewed toward you everyday
Know that you are loved by a great and mighty God
Each morning as you look in the mirror
Remember your worth
He has made you
More precious than a jewel
Glistening in the sun
Now we know
Love covers a multitude of sins
Keep moving in that love
Loving and forgiving one another
As Christ has loved and has forgiven you
Keep glowing for His crown
Òn the path that He has set before you
So that others can see
In the power of the Christ
Every toxic feeling of not good enough
Is washed away
As in the pureness of the first winters snow k
Have a great day k
Kelly Sampson Griswold

To Be More Like You

Dear Lord
Thank You for teaching us
To be more and more like you everyday.
Thank you for your gentle kindness, grace and beauty; helping our faith to grow
And we owe all to You.
Sure footed we are when we walk in You and your ways.
“He makes my feet like the feet of the deer.
And sets me on high places.”
Psalm 18:33


Our dear Pastor Ron

Our dearest friend and Pastor, Ron is in the final stages of cancer. We both were lead into a personnel, loving relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ under his Pastorship over 30 years ago. We were married by him and have many fond memories with him.

We ask You dear Lord Jesus to intercede in Ron’s life and body today. We pray You give him the peace and comfort that only You can give. Ron has been a blessing to many, so we pray that You greatly bless him in this time. “Come Holy Spirit we need You, come sweet Spirit we pray, come in thy strength and thy power, come in thy own special way”
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we ask , Amen.

One with Lyme’s disease

One of our dear friends daughter(Sarah) is having sickness due to lyme disease. Please prayer for Sarah that God will kill the lyme in her body.

We pray Heavenly Father through Your Son Jesus Christ the healing touch of Your hand upon Sarah. Make her whole this day, give back her strength. Heal her Dear Lord, In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Do Not Be Afraid

The Holy Bible says “We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

Do you feel weighed down by your past? Your not alone, there is no one perfect. We all have to be honest that we are not perfect. That is why we need a Savior.

As you lay your head on your pillar tonight; don’t be afraid to open your heart to Jesus who loves you more than you can imagine. Pour out your emotions to Him like a child. For a broken and contrite spirit, He in no wise will turn away. You are precious in His sight. Picture yourself running freely through a field with no cares or worries; because you know that He is with you. He is holding your hand like a protective parent, who will never let you go.

Don’t be afraid to confess you faults one to another, a real Christian friend will never turn you away.

“If you confess you sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”1 John 1:9

“Confess your faults one to another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effectual fervent pray of a righteous man availeth much” James 5:16


Eternal Home

Wherein doth lay your treasure child
Is it in a hidden tomb
Where moths and rust breakdown, corrupt
A passing flowers bloom
Brightly shining, heavens jewel
Where your heart in Him imbued
The promise child when Jesus said
That He’ll take care of you
Everything you’ll ever need
Is in His eternal room
Fully furnished, filled with joy
In Jesus love forever true
Kelly S Griswold

String of Pearls

“Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time they should slip.” Hebrews 2:1
Keep your hearts attuned to Him friend
Don’t let go of Him
He will never let go of you!
He keeps you safe from all harm
He has chosen you
And you have desired…
And chosen to live for Christ
Keep your eyes on Him
Don’t let the influences or stresses of this world
Cause you to break away from what you know.
You are held on to Jesus dear one
“By Him”
As a string of pearls is
Fastened together
Tied and knotted
Between each one
He is holding you
He will never let go of your hand.
Have a great day love k

As We Look Up

Thank you for the sun so bright
That melts the snow and warms my cup
In The beautiful azure sky we see
How crisp the clearing so kind and free
When we look to you and filled with glee
Forget our woes … as we look up
Ksg. ’14

Puzzle Piece

We have peace in the Lord, even without that last puzzle piece. We will leave that piece for Him to find. We are complete because of whose we are The Lord; and that Is having everything … Completely. k
March ’14