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Azure Blue

The sky is so blue today …
A crisp clear azure blue …
Just to be able to see it, is a gift
Thank you for little things like that Lord
Sometimes they’re so big to me …
Thank you for everything you are
And thanks for everything You do

Kelly S Griswold


To be the benevolent hand that leads
Be deeply kind and generosity driven
Heed the call of the soul in need
Be true to God’s word
His word was made flesh
His name is Jesus Christ
He is truth and He is love
The wise in heart see
With the eyes of His grace and compassion
They live in the humble place
Sowing seeds of love and new life in others
By bearing the fruits of the Spirit
In the power of The Holy Ghost
Love, joy, peace, forbearance, patience
kindness, goodness,
and self control
Not in judging
But in helping, teaching, and affirming
The good progress in others
Forgetting the stain …
In Gods loving realm remain
Be led to lead selflessly
For in the pureness of love
Sometimes losing is gain
Avow to listen patiently
Scoping the heart’s true pace
Hearing the sound of a frown
Feeling the expression on someone’s face
Lifting up ne’r tearing down
With respect for others who are in pain
To find the true core of the need
We Must listen … With the heart
Listen …
And listen …
Once again


Diamond Mining

Once my heart was overwrought
With stresses of the heat
The vise grip of the carbon fields
Gave utterance to my grief

I had to face the truth of truths
if only to myself
So I sat awhile in the silence of
The pain upon the shelf

For a time, a diamonds tributary
Was pressured and held down
But God the loving lapidary
Designed a precious crown

In His perfect timing
The furnace mantle stoked
Shaped and crafted, then upwelled
Elegance uncloaked

Seasoned in the facets
Of a stronger diamond mold
Now visible to the naked eye
For God reveals his own

Kelly S Griswold
Diamond miningjotul_fire

Cry Out to Jesus

Cry out to Jesus
Even before you do
He’s there
In that very action
He’s been there
In that very thought
He cares for you
He is with you always
Right there in the room
To dry your tears
And keep you warm
It’s true

Hatred versus Love

A Man, who had hate in his heart, killed Martin Luther King for speaking about our equality in Spirit and in Truth. Mr. Kings legacy was peaceful change, loving and kind; filled with Godly Power in all phases. “He has told you, old Man, What is good; and what does The Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Cotton Filled Trees

Life here in New England
Is like a mixed berry tart.
The weather can turn on a dime.
We never know just what we’ll get.
Never can we figure out the reason or rhyme.
Only God knows such certainties;
but I Wouldn’t trade the seasons, for the world.
It’s quite the challenge to predict the forecast. For the spokesman
Who dares to dare … Predict, and then to speak …
of fluffy, floating, cotton filled trees, that morph into candy glazed corn
In the twinkling of an eye.
A foremost, dripping in the breeze;
A sure fired bet; for tomorrows balmy, sunny melt.
Oh just wait, for a moment, and we’re back to a Siberian freeze.
Right now, I’m plowing right through an old television set; with visions of rainbows, through fuzzy jets.
Tune in again; more time for play …
Tobogganists logging, tip to tip.
Skiers sailing, swiftly on slopes
Snow angels for snow birds,
flying down trails
And changes come in lieu of the sun we seek.
From corners four; lots more in store.
More than just weather and horseshoe fun.
God in His mercy is each day won.

Kelly S Griswold

Have a blessed day friend xo

Holy Spirit Wind

Holy Spirit Wind
(A song for you)

Feel the soft wind, swing and sway
And gently weave, a song for you
As pine trees howling, fill the air
A still small voice, as one, we pair

Your sheep in fields; we hear Your voice
Look ahead, in green grassed fields
Pay no mind, to darkened woods
Whose dens of evil, rob, destroy

At work in faith, with reverence
To God alone, and nought to chance
His perfect love, doth cast out fear
Though unseen, knows He is there

This wind, it moves, with elegance
Gift of grace, within the dance
With groaning that cannot be spoken
Intercedes for the weak and broken

Living in, His wisdoms wait
Letting go with humble tears
Touch Thou, our brow, with healing care
Holy Spirit peace, is here

Holy Spirit
Mighty wind …
Holy Spirit
Breathe on me …

By Kelly Sampson Griswold


Nothing in this world matters
Except your relationship
With Christ your Maker
You have that right
To be you
And that “you” is purely paradisiacal
Never change because of someone else’s
Darkened view
Remember …
You are beautiful
Their problem is never yours

Gifts of Love

May your day be filled with lovely treasures
Gifts of love that cannot be measured
Empathy, the deep spot in your heart that connects you to how someone else feels.
Wisdom makes a home for understanding.
Sometimes the best course of action is to be kind.
People who give their love away,
Cannot keep it from themselves.
Give that beautiful smile of yours to someone.
You’ll find it’ll ease the mind of a hurtin soul … or two.
You’ll feel it too.
Have a great day friend Yippie yay! It’s Friday! (:

Proverbs 4:7-8 Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Esteem her, and she will exalt you; embrace her, and she will honor you.

I Will Give You Rest

Rest your mind
You have new peace within
Leave your tension behind
Let the new day begin
Now I know that you have troubles
And pain from yesterday
But God sees deep down inside your heart
And sends the piercing fear away

He said “Come unto me ”
“All who are heavy laden”
“And I will give you rest”


Night love