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In His Hands

In His Hands
You carry me in Your arms through every storm,
You wrap me in Your perfect peace – I am feeling safe and warm.
You lift me up when I feel down and sad,
Your joy is my strength and for that I am glad.
Your holy word and wisdom make my path straight,
for Your confirmation about my life’s decisions I will patiently wait.
You affectionately and watchfully care for me all of my days-
Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and Your ways are higher than my ways.
All though I may feel as though I am in a stormy sea –
The wind and the waves obey You, they follow your command-
I give my life to You Lord I lay it in your hands!
-Rhiannon Miakisz

Morning Rain

Mornin rain, don’t pay no mind
The Grass Needs the drink
All it can find
And all will be fine
All will be fine

Kelly Sampson Griswold, July 22,2013

Releasing the Sting

I looked in your circle to find you
Pined away hours and gasped
I struggled like a mine eyed canary
Held a deep breath, layed low, by an asp
No one could see I was crying
But still quiet was I, unbeknownst
To the one I thought n’er would blindside me
While I struggled and felt all alone
Yet the pressure drew me closer toward heaven
His Sovereign Words oxygen tent
I Let go and let Jesus protect me
From the enemies sting that was sent
The word of the vipers sore venom
Was dead in it’s own rebuke
Still open, the door, and a breath of fresh air
In His circle that waits till the end
Looking for you in the circle
The choice yours, and yours all alone
Releasing the sting in the moment
Forgiveness is still on the throne
Releasing the sting forever
Loves freedom is there on the throne

Thoughts of love
Releasing the sting
Kelly S Griswold


A bumblebee came to visit today. I thought, but never thought to shoo it away. I knew how hard it was for it to stay. It had oceans to go before it’s journey was complete. But it was in my sight; in and out of my ocean of tears. Immmediately it found a special place in my heart and that place would always be there. I knew I was blessed for the quickened meeting. The hungry bumblebee sat for awhile and doted on a florescent flower. It bounced up and down dancing around showing me it’s beauty the softness of it’s it’s furry shine. The intricacies of it’s bright colors and the seeking sounds of it’s wings were stunningly alluring. I watched it as it were. It’s perfectly attuned buzz, never a bother. The bumblebee seemed to hear it’s echo against the pistal and the stamen of the brightly colored flower. Deep inside, a silence returned back to it. Twasn’t long before it realized that the flower was only imitation; and all that glittered was not gold. Eventually it took flight again in search of the genuine and not the faux. To and fro it moved with a purpose. In the sound of it’s glow, it flew again seeking and seeking again and again; and this time, low and behold, it found it’s way to the authentic golden flower. Quickly and voraciously it drank and filled it’s famished being to it’s hearts content. It had never tasted such indescribably sweet nectar. Completely satisfied and strengthened, He flew away on the wings of a power and grace none of it’s own.

Kelly Sampson Griswold, July 14,2014

Open Door

Open the gate
You’ll not be sorry
Worth the wait
The salt and lime
The green ivy seeks to climb

With the rains upon the groves
They grow new vines
Shooting for the moon
That never could be copied
The one and only you

Remember forever
The purposed mime
Turning away searching
For a new place to climb
And off to the wild.

I’ll not love you lesser
I could not bear to find
Another that I wished for
Than the beautiful winding
Sun bound vine

Kelly S Griswold

Faith Unbroken

Peter and The discples were sailing out to sea in their fishing boat. The waves were tossing to and fro. Peter saw Jesus walking on the water toward them. Peter asked Jesus “If it is you, bid me come out to thee on the water.” Jesus said “Come.” As Peter walked upon the water towards Jesus his faith in Jesus was his success. His confidence was where it belonged. And there he was walking on water! He was relying on Christ and trusting him fully. But As soon as he forgot to keep his eyes on Jesus… He began to be afraid, to falter and he started to sink… But what is so precious, is that when he called out to Jesus for help, immediately, Jesus held out his hand and lifted Peter back up; and they got into the boat again together. Now that is the confidence that Jesus wants for you! He loves you so much that if ever you are sinking and thinking about the troubles that are seemingly unsurmountable around you; He is your everlasting lighthouse; and He is the Strength that you can have faith in. He is the light to guide you through anything, all the way though to the end. And you will make it! You see Peter knew his thoughts had to return one hundred percent, in trusting Jesus as his strength. He had to turn his eyes back to Jesus and keep them there in faith unbroken. I think we’ve all been in this position at times. I know I have. Peter humbled himself in the sight of the Lord, in order that Jesus could lift him up. And Jesus never failed him. Wouldn’t it be great to let it all go… breathe that sigh of relief. Go ahead and call out his name. “Jesus I need you tonight… Feel the loving warmth and the strength of your Saviors hand.

Kelly Sampson Griswold, July 1, 2012