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Servant of Christ

Social Eminence- Servant of Christ
Assured Position-Servant of Christ
Relief-(Peace-Well-Being)Servant of Christ
Happiness-Servant of Christ

May 31st 2013 by Kelly Griswold

Forbearance Loves

The kindest and most gleeful pair
Will meet unrest at times
To empathize, reshape regroup
And see the other side
Perhaps forgiveness sweet relief
And a dose of pity chides
Realize the mirrored pride
A long long time ago

Take a breath without a word
Broken and contrite hearts yearn
For the grace of God go you and I
Love lessons to be learned

Forbearance loves and loves some more
Long suffering outweighs pride
With all lowliness and meekness mild
Sees the other side

Forbearance loves and loves some more
Sees the other side

June 1st 2013 by Kelly Sampson Griswold