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The Joy of Life Divine

I’ve learned tis best to murmur not
If toils, come my way, to obscure
A rougher path, builds wisdom long
To dodge the barbs, that taunt and lure
Round the mountain to the glen
If thorny path be thine
Persevere and ne’er whine
Leave to God, the why
Sunshine over shadow
Illuminates my shoes
The rainbow breaks in His due time
Resolution swiftly ensues
If I persevere in faith
I’ll reap a harvest white
Wait on God, the royal way
The joy of life, tis mine
Kelly S Griswold

Sweet Jesus there’s no other

He is able is the comfort
All sufficient is the word
What rest it calmly gives us
In the message you have heard
Sweet Jesus is our refuge
Sweet Jesus fill my soul…
Sweet Jesus there’s no other
Who loves and makes us whole

May 28th 2013 by Kelly Sampson Griswold

Know that He is God

May we always grow in grace and in the knowledge of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May we be still and know that He is God; As we rest on His holy word we learn to live and learn, feed and grow to be like our Loving Lord. By The precious power of You Holy Spirit help us practice what we know

May 16th 2013 by Kelly Sampson Griswold

Don’t be fooled

Jesus the true Christ is calling all to Himself in a warning not to be fooled in the last days. Just before my Mother died she had a dream that she was skiing effortlessly up and down the many snow covered hills. She had never skied in her life. That was because the Holy Spirit was guiding her in His strength and not hers.
We must trust only The Lord God Almighty and His word and lean not on our own understanding. We must live not by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. The word of God, not mans. Not by our might not by our strength but by The Spirit says The Lord. Godspeed my friends love in Christ, Kelly Sampson Griswold

God Scent

Sittin on the settee
With the windows open wide
The rain spraying through the window vent
Makes me feel alive
Thick organic mushroom scent
Meanders through the mossy dell
The Lily of the valley stills
With it’s sweet bells, perfumed smell
A healing scent, the oil of Joy
Along with sounds of the whipperwill
And Springtimes ever steady rain
Brings the green grass all its fill
It can’t be time for bed just yet
Till I pray for all my kin
Lord keep them safe and sound tonight
Until dawn, breaks again
Geosmin fills this musky scene
And coats the trees each one
There was much more rain this year I think
Looking for the sun
Kelly S Griswold

Pray for Oklahoma tornado tragedy

Dear friends, Let us Pray for the victims of the Oklahoma Tornado. Dear Lord we ask that you wrap your arms around the families and friends of the victims and give them peace and comfort and help.
“Lord You are with us in times of trouble.” You are our refuge; a very present help in time of need. Thank-You Lord, In Jesus name we pray Amen