Lady Slipper

Lady slippers popping
Lightly dot the ground
The backwoods deep, are sipping sap
In this ancient, shanty town

One Golden fertilizer shell

God springs them one by one 

Perfect porridge from His well

Birthed, His mastery, done

Entrusting to His future 

Faith revealed in such 

His Sovereignty in each new bloom

So soft, The Masters touch 

Seed by single seedling
Old things are now set free
Lord Jesus bares His beauty born
His tranquil sanctuary

Tip toe, lovely moccasin 

My eyes behold Your belle 

Made by Thee, for all to see

His promise, ethereal


Words and Music
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Perpetual Porch Light On

On an old familiar country road
Done kickin up the dust
With every little nook and cranny
Loved past wanderlust

At the end of the road, beyond the bend
A gate, always unlatched
Where your ne’er a stranger, but a friend
In love no strings attached

A country cabin, sits back lone
Perpetual porch light on
With rocking chairs and moccasins
For stories, told till dawn

With fire aglow and featherbed
We’ll all sleep when sleep is due
With Gods’ abundant love bestowed
Neath the grace of another moon

Ne’er a stranger lovely love
I miss you when your gone
God love you and protect you
Perpetual porch light on

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Morning Hymn

Letting go of our will, humbly
Rest in God thy good
His wisdom warms our hearts this morning
Newly understood

Our lone desire to live life strong
In Jesus all our days
Infiltrate Your wondrous love
Into our hearts and ways

Holy Spirit strengthen us
Fill us once again
Though the road is difficult
Your power will sustain

We thank You Jesus for all things
The glue that holds us tight
In everlasting unity
With grace our wings take flight

We glorify You dearest Lord
We live and breathe Your Name …
Sweet respiring wind from You
Holy Spirit fill our frame

Our lone desire to live life strong
For You Lord all our days
Infiltrate Your wondrous love
Into our hearts and ways

Words and music
By Kelly S Griswold

For You

I’m not just chasing rainbow sun
When I say I love someone
I cannot change on loving people
It’s as real rain on steeples

Beading up on bending ivy
Transparent dewdrops firm and free
Murmurs of our mirrored views
Echo trills, that sound of Thee

Bringing all the way back home
The happiness of letting go
The sweetest songs roll on and on
Especially in springtime strolls

In stillness giving up my treasures
All to Him with weight and measure
God my best friend under none
When I say I love someone

I’ll let the pearls, tip and drop
Just because … for Love, is love
I’ll wait … From distances near crops
Real Love never fades nor stops

On gentle rose is hopes repose
For His Glory, His will, I do
It grows and grows and heaven knows
To love someone, I’ll water you

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Running Into You

Seacoast Waves

Running into You
Enveloped by the streams
Finding You, my lips are quenched
In love beyond my dreams

My wants have disappeared
There is nothing Lord but You
You are all I’ll ever need
Jesus; love is you

Your Love has captured me
New breath has made me whole
As white, as white, white surfacants
Your love; it floods my soul


Music and lyrics
Kelly S Griswold

My Irish Lullaby

Look up, dear one, to Jesus
Lift your bonnie eyes to Him
Let him soothe, the stress away
Of your heavy Heart out on that limb

If Your heart is hurt snd broken
From those burdens deep within
Let Them be washed, in the fountain
He’ll wash away your sin

Come to the cross, of forgiveness
Rest in Jesus, wonderful love
Fall like a babe in a Mothers arms
You are safe with God above

Kelly S Griswold
May His love enfold you tonight and always friend
You are beautiful in His sight

Painting in oils by Sarah Griswold

Simply Free

Let us sit by the fire
Come with me friend
To the banks of the river
At Lampreys bend

I’ll cook you a kettle
Of the finest fish
Yes we’ll eat of some brown bread
From copper dish

With a smidge of sweet butter
Steamed o’r rocks within view
With some birch paper glasses
Filled with heavenly dew

Not a care in the world
A bed of shady green grass
Nothing left to bother
This little lass

It’s so nice to be resting
Relaxing in Brie
No-one is fretting
simply free

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

Healing Love

Hallelujah He is coming
Very soon the trump will sound
Hallelujah He is coming
Jesus healing victory sounds

What to do is break our pride
We need not ever have to hide
Egress on, our hearts held high
Overcomer’s side by side

Many arrows point our way
Doesn’t matter let them fly
One foot standing on this earth
One heart looking toward the sky

We see dimly through the glass
God works all things for our good
We need not know the rhyme or reason
God’s love truly understood

Hallelujah He is coming
Very soon the trump will sound
Hallelujah, He is coming
We’ll meet Jesus in the clouds

Kelly s Griswold

Divine Mercy

I’ve sailed for miles in a creaky boat
From pier to pier and daunting sea
Hearing wind and water sing
What laps o’er rocks and hardness bring
His divine and loving mercy donning
Unceasing love is what saved me
Kneading balanced beams with prayer
To reap and send His blessings fodder
Pouring down from Christ The Lord
The oil of joy for mourning
The gluing of the seams to float
By God, His graceful pardon
The truth that truly frees my soul
Set point my rudder able
Once I grasped the letting go
All calm, serene and stable …

Jesus Christ The Living God
Puts all cares behind us

Divine Loving Mercy …
Float you to a restful sleep …

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Holy Spirit Wind


Holy Spirit Wind
(A song for you)

Feel the soft wind, swing and sway
And gently weave, a song for you
As pine trees howling, fill the air
And still small voice, as one, we pair

As sheep in fields; we hear Your voice
Look ahead, in green grassed fields
Pay no mind, to darkened woods
Whose dens of evil, rob, destroy

At work in faith, with reverence
To God alone, and nought to chance
His perfect love, doth cast out fear
Though unseen, yet we know’s He’s there

This wind, it moves, with elegance
Gift of grace, within the dance
With groaning that cannot be heard
In all your circumstance

Living in, His wisdoms wait
Letting go with humble tears
Touch Thou, our brow, with healing care
Holy Spirit peace, is here

Holy Spirit
Mighty wind …
Holy Spirit
Breathe on me …

Holy Spirit
Healing wind …
Holy Spirit
Breathe on me

Kelly S Griswold