Day’s Journey

Each new morn, The Lord doth bring
His beauty He bestows
His heart, His Holy strength, His hope
The Spirits budding rose
With spritely springing ease, we cope
From Savior Christ we learn
Our faith in Him; our sweet repose
We wait for His return
And as the brook wind and turn
We will not fear for lumps
Joyous is the song we sing
Trusting Him with each new jump
We praise Him by the riverside
We praise Him in the flood
For in our Journey, far and wide
There’s power in The Blood
Praise Him in The morning love
Praise Him in The Dove
The Voice of Glory calling … us
Godward on from sun to sun

Words and Music
Kelly Griswold

Have a super day friend
You are so loved
You are beautiful in His sight k

Butternut Bridge

The Butternut Bridge

It’s just a hop and a skip and a jump, across the Butternut bridge.
The winter wood-bird coos, a lovers song.
The fire is cracklin, warm … so come on over …
You know my love, that it has been too long.

The wind across the meadow, is open wider …
The bridge is calling you, to come on home.
I hear the copper teapot, gently, whistling down.
Come on in … before it gets too cold.

The lonesome night air gives and gives, forever …
The texture of sweet smoke, is in my eye.
The taste of yesteryear, brings out the spices,
of perfectly pleasing, plum pies, piled high.

The screen door slapping time, with loosened wing nuts.
Sounds that we once knew, my friend, so dear.
Missing notes of jingling swings; I … wait … to … hear.
Sounds of you … the porch light near.

Missing notes of jingling swings; I wait … to … hear.
Sounds of you … are whispering in my ear.

Words and Music By
Kelly S Griswold

To be the benevolent hand that leads
Be deeply kind and generosity driven
Heed the call of the soul in need
Be true to God’s word
His word was made flesh
His name is Jesus Christ
He is truth and He is love
The wise in heart see
With the eyes of His grace and compassion
They live in the humble place
Sowing seeds of love and new life in others
By bearing the fruits of the Spirit
In the power of The Holy Ghost
Love, joy, peace, forbearance, patience
kindness, goodness,
and self control
Not in judging
But in helping, teaching, and affirming
The good progress in others
Forgetting the stain …
In Gods loving realm remain
Be led to lead selflessly
For in the pureness of love
Sometimes losing is gain
Avow to listen patiently
Scoping the heart’s true pace
Hearing the sound of a frown
Feeling the expression on someone’s face
Lifting up ne’r tearing down
With respect for others who are in pain
To find the true core of the need
We Must listen … With the heart
Listen …
And listen …
Once again

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Holy Spirit Wind


Holy Spirit Wind
(A song for you)

Feel the soft wind, swing and sway
And gently weave, a song for you
As pine trees howling, fill the air
And still small voice, as one, we pair

As sheep in fields; we hear Your voice
Look ahead, in green grassed fields
Pay no mind, to darkened woods
Whose dens of evil, rob, destroy

At work in faith, with reverence
To God alone, and nought to chance
His perfect love, doth cast out fear
Though unseen, yet we know’s He’s there

This wind, it moves, with elegance
Gift of grace, within the dance
With groaning that cannot be heard
Intercedes for the weak and splintered

Living in, His wisdoms wait
Letting go with humble tears
Touch Thou, our brow, with healing care
Holy Spirit peace, is here

Holy Spirit
Mighty wind …
Holy Spirit
Breathe on me …

Holy Spirit
Healing wind …
Holy Spirit
Breathe on me

Kelly S Griswold

Swift River Stream

Swift River Stream

Sunset by
The gentle stream
Where grace flows free
Cool waters deep
A Refreshing drink
Renews my strength
In times like these
My line is cast
Into the brisk, clearing breeze
Patience proves her very work
Time trips sound
And jumps my bow
Fills my heart to overflow
As I doze
In standing sleep
In such a swift
Yet peaceful place
So full and quenched
In all God’s grace

Pans of fish

Kelly S Griswold

Rest well.

Humble Bumblebee

When we learn to let things go
We are truly free
Servants to work in Harmony
Like the humble bumblebee
Flower to flower, no idle time
No wandering off course you see
No time to dilly dally
Precious pollen, our source of feed
Pleasing oil of Joy released
The air is worry free
When Humble bumblebees and flowers
Are open faced to Thee

Kelly S Griswold

Have a super day friend k

Smooth Sailing

I felt God’s love from up above
As I confessed my sin
Sweet conviction tender still
Cleansed me deep within

As I brought it straight up to the Lord
The pain and guilt rescind
Holy Spirit flowed in grace
With His cool and gentle wind

Removed the heaviness within
How clearly I saw You
Falling fresh upon me Jesus
Your love shined through

Freed at last, for I was forgiven
Heaven opened wide
I owe my life to Jesus Christ
Who ransomed me and died

Holy Father filled with power
Tears were rolling in
Like a river in my heart
Cleansing deep past sin

The new day came with sweet relief
Yielding to You whole
Comfort solace reassured
Peace from You alone

Kelly S Griswold

The Dawning

Dearest oh Lord
As evening doth fade
The new morning dawns
With sun on the glade

Your still quiet voice
I am tuned to oh Lord
With the angels resounding
In Holy accord

You Fill up my being
With Exultation
Your great love and life
Leading me on

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Better Things

“He will cover you with His feathers
Under His wings you will find refuge”
Psalm 91

Better things

Placing all our brokenness
Into The Fathers hand
His soft laid wing, that broke our fall
In Jesus, safely land

Strong and beating heart, now live
In New life, rest your brow
Gone, the sorrows, gone the pain
The time to rest is now

When our best laid plans, release
And seem to come to nought
Resting neath His wings, we see
Better things has Jesus wrought

Kelly S Griswold

Springtime Menagerie

Tea for me
Outside today
In the bower cafe
I’m watching,
As all the newly born, buds appear
Abiding in the vine
In honor of our stately King
Sprouting upward, outward and skyward
Leaping near, soft carpets of creeping phlox
Reaping wreathes, for roses
Breathing in clouds of dainty mist
Neath the weeping umbrella
With it’s cotton candy tufts
Hanging over big green elephant flaps and tusks
Towering atop the living rocks
In purples, blues, yellows, greens
Such a colorful menagerie
Enfolding me
The sun is breaking free
My mind is buzzing
But for a moment
I’m a sitting bee

Kelly S Griswold