Lord Help Me Soar

Thank you Lord Jesus
for Your perfect love and grace each morn
Your kindness
The simple sight, of a bluebird in Spring
Flying freely across Your great big sky
The warm sweet blanket of Your mercy
Your continuous hand, reaching out to us all
Picking us up when we fall
We call out to You in our times of trial
You are the essence of hope in our lives
By the power of Your Holy Spirit
Fill us up, with Your love
As we pray unceasingly
You are our hope and victory
Nothing can penetrate us to weaken us
For we have You to keep us strong
Teach us to be more like You
To soar above the clouds
In Your love
Ever closer to You
Each day of our lives
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Heart of Christ

To have an attitude, of grace
Not one of pride and strife
Listen with, the heart of Christ
Holy Spirit filled, tis life

Contentions, wants, terse attitudes
Stridant words, that spoil the stew
Will never yield nor peace exude
Until Dear Lord, we steep in You
Which, will win out, in the end
God’s tender ways so pure and true
To live in His ways, humbly bend
Patience, love and gratitude
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Springs Treasure

The snow will soon be over
Making lumens for the spring
To Magnify the green green grass
Revived for us again
What we’ve learned
Will be sustained
Gods Winter wisdoms
Treasure gained
With each new morn
New flowers born
Could never be explained

Kelly S Griswold

Long The Way Home

I hear the susurrous sounds
Pins that pluck on downward
The music box is playing
Round and round with spring
Cylinders are moving
Slipping o’er bumps
Tuning forks and sound beams
Soothing my soul home
And I love you so
Dancing in my dreams
Sleep will soon abound for me
Sewing up the seams
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Memories of Mom

Pressing on strings of Heaven dear
A love songs warmth imbues
I see you on the inside
In drops of royal dew
With this dawning soliloquy
My heart doth ache for you
I’m missing threads of yesteryear
In hues of green and blue
Sipping on tea at breakfast
Zion’s Country side in view
Resonant strides of jeans appear
Loves drapery of you
We walked the long and winding trails
Before you flew to rest
Up the joyful driveway
Invigorating quest
Toughness, courage, tenacity
Only Jesus best
The strength instilled inside me
The place in which to rest
God on every roadside
Growing up in simple faith
Hardship was no load to bear
Jesus Word saith
I Am is all I hear
His strength to scale each wall
‘Twas you my mother Who taught me ere
On Him that we must call
Kelly S Griswold
Thank you Lord, for my Mother
Who taught me … “The All”
On Him alone that we must call

Late Winter

Northern fronts
Can be quite blunt
Back and forth
With a kick pass punt
Changing direction
Chiming windmills
Airbrushing sun tattoos
Before being stilled
Tears on my face
As I tend to the mill
But I’ve had fulfillment
In this long winters’ chill
For trust in God
The key to strength
Endurance, resilience
To go the length
Winter cloths
Caress with salve
Red cracked lips
At the frozen improv
The turning of pages
Brings love to the verse
Settling yesterdays’ bout
With the cold winters burst
Kelly S Griswold

Peaceful Prism

Windows glisten, as they frost
Looking out at colder blues
Red and yellow and orange views
Fellow shades for warmer hues
Geometric prisms serve
In patterns turn, kaleidoscopes
eyes are rolling in an arc
painting pretty isotopes
Beyond the specs of yesteryear
Tears that glow yet move on by
For God, our hungry appetite
His beauty sings, a lullaby
Sweet and soft, the tender beams
Filling longing souls with glee
Melting frozen hearts with ease
Holy Spirit heals and frees
He who hung the whole world wide
Holds us in His hand so tight
Lays us in His bosom light
Bids us come without a fight
The eye doth rise above each plight
In His strength and in His sight
His victory grins from ear to ear
His song with muffs to warm us here
Kelly S Griswold

March On

His coat is thick
His gaze is long
His ears are sharp
His feet are strong
His Fathers house with chimney high
Branches broad
Clothe much more, I
Taken care of all the while
Through sunshine storm and shadow nigh …
God who loves me as I trod
A simpler path past somber eyes
Sure in step
To meet each juncture
And climb with power past all fear
In victories march
Proceed onward
All for One and one for all
Reward is come
Eternal One
Crown the Master of all mercy
Hail the King of Israel
Crown the Master of all mercy
Glory to God in the new Zion
By Kelly S Griswold
“He will keep in perfect peace
Whose mind is stayed on Thee”


Time, it cannot melt the truth
Oh e’r forget the day
I felt the rain
But don’t regret
The love, it left behind
The long long road
Lit up with strength
Where God’s sweet Glory
Sowed in length
With needles Hidden
Healed all pain
Where all ones pride
Must learn to die
With stupefying fights all fixed
Pity payed no mind to mix
Love turned the lies
Back into Truth
One of loves greatest lessons
To be learned

Kelly Griswold


Pulchritudinous, solemn
Uncluttered and so clean
Orderly, sterile, perfect, pristine
Comforting, calm, serene
The first snows a dusting
Upon the evergreens
Winter just beginning
Settling us to glean
A glimpse into the Heavens
A place we long to be
Just an intimate walk with Jesus
On the way to Eternity

By Kelly S Griswold