God Scent

Sittin on the settee
With the windows open wide
Rain spray through the window vent
Makes me feel alive

Thick organic mushroom scent
Throughout the mossy dell
Lily of the valley still
Sweet bells lulling smell

A healing scent, the oil of Joy
‘Long sounds, of the whipperwill
Springtimes ever steady rain
Brings the green grass, all its fill

And I hear You Lord
I’m grounded in Your word
Your song is in my heart
Like nothing ever heard

It can’t be time for bed
‘Til I pray for all my kin
Lord, keep them safe and sound tonight
‘Til dawns mercy breaks again

Geosmins sweet musky scene
Tween the trees each one
There was much more rain this year …
Looking for the sun

And I love you Lord
I’m grounded in Your word
Your song is is in my heart forever
Like nothing ever heard

Kelly S Griswold

Abundant Love

On an old familiar country road
Done kickin up the dust
With every little nook and cranny
Loved past wanderlust

At the end of the road, beyond the bend
A gate, always unlatched
Where your ne’er a stranger, but a friend
In love no strings attached

A country cabin, sits back lone
Perpetual porch light on
With rocking chairs and moccasins
For warm stories, told till dawn

With fire aglow and featherbed
We’ll all sleep when sleep is due
With Gods’ abundant love bestowed
Neath the grace of another moon

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Sweet Relief

Every stress you’ve ever had
Is waiting for a prayer
With faith, a touch of pure belief
There’s someone who does hear

Reaching out your hand to Him
You’ve found a love that cares
A breath of salutary air
The salve that mends the tear

His Name is Jesus Christ our Lord
His peace is sweet relief
Casting out the fear endured
That held you down for years

His perfect love will set your wings
In the comfort of a Dove
The power of His listening ear
Healing from above

Kelly Sampson Griswold


As a Mother hen protects her brood
In ways no one works harder
The Lord our God He saves us all
Puts thunderclouds asunder

Lullabies, they dance and smile
Each day and every night
Every danger in the way
Is met by Jesus Christ

My family grew to know The Lord
We lived in church most days
I am so proud of who they are
He leads them well today

In some ways, my job as Mother
May quite well be done
But in my heart they surely know
I’m here from sun to sun

By Kelly Sampson Griswold


When I hear the rain come down
It makes me feel alive
The smell of oak leaves, reddish brown
With last years sage and thyme

Leaves roll backward ‘gainst the wind
The birds sing restless songs
That is when, I need stand firm
And brace for roughest times

It’s coming whether, liked or not
Imminent, the tide
As quickly as it rises high
It flows back to the low

To confidently order things
Prepared, I have the word
When presented with a test
I look to Him above

When I hear the rain come down
It makes me feel alive
His love will insulate my nest
‘Tis there it’s safe and sound

By Kelly S Griswold
Rest well friend
You are so loved k

Stand Still

God is bigger, God is more
Than the flak that is hurled at you
Coming through the door
Going through the pain
You need not fear
For God and His word
Is always here
Stand still
He comes in the knick of time
He will give you the words you need
For you are His and He is thine
In Him you trust
The opposition falls
His Victory rises …
Whether long awaited
Or quickly, the time


Amber Grass

At last, the hope of Spring has come
Tis naked ‘pon the amber grass
Yearning for the light of day
Brushing gainst my back alas

I feel the sun break through the glass
Inside the meadows, side rungs rail
Pale Edgings of cold winter shale
Uncovering the litten pass

Kelly S Griswold

Susurrous Sounds

I hear the susurrous sounds
Pins that pluck on downward
The music box is playing
Round and round with spring
Cylinders are moving
Slipping o’er bumps
Tuning forks and sounding beams
Soothing me in dreams
And I love you so
With all my heart and soul
Sleep will soon abound for me
Sewing up the seams

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Snow Bright

A beautiful clear Mornin
So wintery and white.
A cup of sweet tea, Chamomile
Darlings dew delight

I think I may
A vanilla cream I might
So soft and light
With day dreams in sight

As time rolls the tongue
Honeys afterglow
In my hearts eye wide
Photos of snow

Disappearing hands
in lieu of light
new day calling
The new day bright

Kelly S Griswold

A New Years Prayer

“Your crown overflows with your bounty
Your cart overflows with your abundance”
Psalms 65

Happy New Year dear one

May your New year be bright and full
With blessings to unfold
Love, peace and happiness
All you can hold

In His wisdom and His love
Trials circumvent
From the Saviors mold we go
Confident and bold

From the promise of the dawn
Your golden future sown
In your heart His happiness
His harvest surely grown k

By Kelly S Griswold
A New Years Prayer