Running Into You

Seacoast Waves

Running into You
Enveloped by the streams
Finding You, my lips are quenched
In love beyond my dreams

My wants have disappeared
There is nothing Lord but You
You are all I’ll ever need
Jesus; love is you

Your Love has captured me
New breath has made me whole
As white, as white, white surfacants
Your love; it floods my soul


Music and lyrics
Kelly S Griswold

My Irish Lullaby

Look up, dear child to Jesus
Lift your bonnie eyes to Him
Let him soothe your stress
And weary mind
Of all that is burdensome

If Your heart is hurt snd broken
From burdens deep within
Let It be washed in the fountain
He’ll wash away your sin

Come to the cross of forgiveness
Rest in Gods’ wonderful love
Fall like a babe in a Mothers arms
You are safe from all hurt and all harm

Kelly S Griswold
May His love enfold you tonight and always friend
You are beautiful in His sight

Painting in oils by Sarah Griswold


The first snow is a dusting down
Upon the evergreens
Winter has it’s classic cover
Comforting, serene

Pulchritudinous and solemn
Uncluttered, and so clean
Orderly, and sterile cotton
Perfect, and pristine

As winter slows our mind to sound
Winter slows our steps
All the way through winters cold
We learn how Jesus wept

We look up toward the heavens wide
Love cuts our frozen stride
So intimate, our walk with Jesus
As first snow’s dusting scene arrives

By Kelly S Griswold

New Morning

“As the Deer panteth for the water-brook
So my soul longeth after Thee”
Psalms 42

Each new morn, The Lord doth bring
His beauty He bestows,
The heart, in holy strength and hope
The Spirits budding rose

With springs of holy power, we cope
Oh Savior Christ; we learn
To look to You; our bright repose
We yearn for Your return

As the brook will wind and turn
There’s no more fear, for bumps
What a joyful song we sing
Trusting God, for each new jump

We praise You by the river side
We praise You In the flood
Our heart and soul, is purified
There’s cleansing in the blood

Kelly S Griswold

Have a joyful New Years friend
You are Beautiful

Echo of God’s Love

In God’s new window of my dreams
With sunshine in the store
All the little dolphin joys
Are breaking through the door

An old familiar whistle call
Dreams of rest, not far from shore
Echoes heard by loyal chums
With kettles, bowls and drums galore

A love song hidden in my heart
God’s glory heard, doth incubate
And I am surely satisfied
When I learn to live and wait

Kelly s Griswold

All God’s Dreams

All God’s dreams

Keep all your dreams
God’s dreams for you
But don’t let the worldly things
Overshadow you

With a heavenly mind
God’s wisdom abounds
Your feet firmly planted
Upon stable ground …

With Humble beginnings,
Remembering your roots
Your faith in the good Lord
Will bear good fruits

Meditating upon
God’s word, and His truth
Come to Him as a child
As heard in your youth

Trusting in Jesus
He’s right there for you
Giving all to the Savior
Is your dream come true

Kelly S Griswold

Above The Fray

“Oh come let us bow down
Let us kneel before our Maker”
Psalm 95:6

“Though war and pain have not yet ceased

We have a Savior sure
Christ is coming soon sweet friend 

He’s even at the door

Look up to Him until the end

Not back into the cloud

He is always with you child

Wherein your head is bowed

Praying for you

For a great and God blessed day

That glides as smoothly

Over the tough hills

With powdery snow

And through the glades

With perfect view 

From our Glorious King 

Each and every day

Lifted above the fray

With Jesus love in abundance 

Strength for the way



Your Beautiful

I’ve seen you walk the sidewalk
More gingerly with time
Like you’re getting out of someone’s way
Stepping out of line
Like you don’t feel you’re worth a thing
Ducking, Dodging, Apologizing …
To me that’s not ok
To think that you must walk the streets
Feeling that you have to shy away …
Like you’re taking someone else’s space
Behind the sidewalks pace
Well You just keep on walking
With your head held high
You don’t have to cower
You don’t have to hide
Walk with me My Princess …
You have a place to be
You grace the sidewalk
You’re beautiful
To me

By Kelly Sampson Griswold

The Vision

“In all your ways acknowledge Him
And. He shall direct your path.”
Proverbs 3-6

The mighty train is ready now
He knows when he’s near the gate
Buffets, when coast is clear
Wise men they evaluate

Waiting for the train to load
Soon to rail, the road unwinds
We all sing the gospel song
Harmonize, new friends all kinds

Table round and in the shed
In the morn, full steam ahead
Nightly whistles heard, past bed
Another tiny town is fed

Each stop heard a thousand miles
The great is patient loving kind
Finally docked the slick train lands
The buffered path he understands

Kelly S Griswold

Simply Free

Let us sit by the fire
Come with me friend
To the banks of the river
At Lampreys bend

I’ll cook you a kettle
Of the finest fish
Yes we’ll eat of some brown bread
From copper dish

With a smidge of sweet butter
Steamed o’r rocks within view
With some birch paper glasses
Filled with heavenly dew

Not a care in the world
A bed of shady green grass
Nothing left to bother
This little lass

It’s so nice to be resting
Relaxing in Brie
No-one is fretting
simply free

By Kelly Sampson Griswold