Plum trees are a budding
Mint is creeping low
Willows are a weeping
Springing up a springtime show

Surely they are inching
Well hello now, don’t you say
But for all the fragrant dewfall
A dusting on the feeding tray

And the birds, they are a chirping
With alluring songs of old
For all of springtime stalling
Pollen’s misting to the snow

Nascent white, the popcorn
Treats for God’s eye, I suppose
A precious sight for passers by
Mind you, … lookout, my nose

And Springtime’s worth the wait
When I’m needing sweet relief
A cold spell dampens down the well
With one soft handkerchief

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Jesus Softer Than The Falling Rain

“Jesus” softer than the falling rain

Precious there, a broken heart
Ne’r a weakness to impart
Tis strength disguised, in humble gates
Where artful waves of streaming tears
Learn to lose, because of love
Softer than the falling rain
True Love gains and lives again
Where new dreams doth emerge and call
And fill the hollow, healed in grace
The island stands not merely lone
When water all around it’s sides
Keeps it buffered for a time
Until the island meets it’s form
Where substance of our faith is born

by Kelly S Griswold

Grace on the Water

Effortlessly…the dolphin flys
She moves transcending poise, with style
Smooth and sleek, her bounding arc
With sweet surrender, grace embarks

Her voice on cue, intelligent
Flows back and forth with echoing
Elegant, the song released
To slice into the sundry seas

She slows right down, for weaker ones
Stays long side them, losing none
Coalescing, loyalty
Lives in humble harmony

Like a gentle answer to a prayer
First we listen, then we hear
With spirit, joy and frolicking
God leads us to our happy home
Kelly Sampson Griswold

The Warming

At last, the hope of Spring has come
Naked ‘pon the amber grass
Yearning for the warmth of rays
Rightly beaming on my face
I feel the glow break through the glass
Awake my heart that never paled
But slumbered long enough to dream
In colors bit by bit till dawn
Begin again so soft and bare
As spring rains melt the winter shale
Uncovering the litten pass

Kelly S Griswold

Lady Slipper

Lady slippers popping
Lightly dot the ground
The backwoods deep, are sipping sap
In this ancient, shanty town

With golden fertilizer
The wind blows, whispering
The moccasin floats high above
The needles in the spring

Seed by single seedling
Old things are now set free
Lord Jesus bares His beauty born
In His tranquil sanctuary

Words and music
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Empathy Tea

When two collide
In a twining interleave
In my book they should sit down
Over tea and unwind
All perceived emotions
Setting iron to iron
Both will be Happy
If they just spend the time
Not to shut out offender
Or offendee in silence
Empathy Cries
I will talk with you and humbly discern
I will forgive and ask for forgiveness
I will serve with love
Empathy Rise
Like leaven instilled into the mixture
As in the baking of bread
If we see it fall
We’ll knead the dough, once again
We’ll flute the ends together
Until completely sealed
Serenity mends
In time my friend
When deep calls unto deep
We will call upon Thee
Together enthralled
In healing beauty
We’ll put on the boil
Into porcelain vessels
Empathy, Go Forth
The Teacups
Three people strong
Three stitches more
Three white beds
To sleep in the Hall

Psalms 25:9
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Trusting God

Diverge from stress, oh yes, oh yes
Yet ne’er digress back to the mess
One road high, the other low
Our thoughts to Jesus,
Off we go

Fret not ere, the future dear
We do not know, what’s over there
God’s word, it smooths the roughest path
He lights the road
and lifts our cares

The victory clear oh yes, oh yes
Trust God, and not in friend or foe
Walk on with Him, His ways not ours
Our thoughts to Jesus
Off we go

Kelly S Griswold

Great Northern

Great Northern fronts
Can be quite blunt
Back and forth
With a kick, pass punt

Patience for shock waves
With chiming windmills
They cannot behave
Then soon become still

With tears on my face
I tend to the mill
Much fulfillment attained
In this long winters’ chill

Trusting in God
The key to my strength
With endurance, resilience
To go the length

Soft winter cloths
Caress me with salve
For deep, cracked smiles
At the frozen improv

Crisp, sunny days win out
Leading love to the verse
Settling yesterdays’ bout
With the cold winters burst k

By Kelly S Griswold


Time, it cannot melt the truth
Or wax itself unkind
I felt the rain
But don’t regret
The love, it left behind
The long long road
Lit up with strength
Where God’s sweet Glory
Bound in length
With needles hidden
Healed the pain
Where all one’s pride
Must learn to die
With stupefying fights all fixed
Where pity pays no mind to mix
Love’s labor changes lies for truth
One of loves greatest lessons
To be learned

Kelly Griswold

All God’s Dreams

All God’s dreams

Keep all your dreams
God has planned for you
But don’t let the world
Overshadow the view

With a heavenly mind
God’s wisdom abounds
Your feet firmly planted
Upon stable ground …

With Humble discernment
Remember your roots
Your faith in the good Lord
Will bear good fruits

Meditate long
God’s word, His truth
Come to Him as a child
As heard in your youth

Trusting in Jesus
He’s right there for you
Giving all to the Savior
Your dreams will come true

Kelly S Griswold