A New Years Prayer

“Your crown overflows with your bounty
Your cart overflows with your abundance”
Psalms 65
Happy New Year dear one
May your New year be bright and full
With blessings to unfold
Love, peace and happiness
All you can hold
In His wisdom and His love
Trials circumvent
From the Saviors mold we go
Confident and bold
From the promise of the dawn
Your golden future sown
In your heart His happiness
His harvest surely grown k
By Kelly S Griswold
A New Years Prayer

Bumps and Jumps

“As the Deer panteth for the water-brook
So my soul longeth after Thee”
Psalms 42
Each new morn; The Lord doth bring
His beauty He bestows
The heart in holy strength and hope
The Spirits budding rose
With spritely springing, power, we cope
Oh Savior Christ; we learn
And look to You; our bright repose
We yearn for Your return
As the brook will wind and turn
There’s no more fear for bumps
What a joyful song we sing
Trusting God, for each new jump
We praise You by the river side
We praise You In the flood
Our heart and soul, is purified
There’s cleansing in the blood
Kelly S Griswold
Have a joyful New Years friend
You are Beautiful

God’s Word

“Thy word is a lamp unto to feet
And a light unto my path”
Psalm 119 – 105
Mornin friend
In doing a little vacuuming this morning,
I noticed a light directly in front the Vacuum.
Sure makes it easier to see what’s ahead; all that needs to be vacuumed, and what does not need to be vacuumed.
Gods word is exactly like that ; a beaming light projecting onto where we are standing, and to where we are going. The word actually transforms us by the renewing of our minds and leads us into the way everlasting.
We read His word and hide it in our heart.
Gods word shows us the path that Jesus has set for our life. Without Gods word, we are left to our own control; and we wander …
With the New Year coming, God has such a great purpose for all of Our lives He will guide and protect and direct us as we draw close to Him in every area of our lives.
Bells are ringing in the New Year, closer and closer to the heart of Christ, directed by the light of His word! Headlights on and go!
Love k

The Oldest Wooden Tree

If your feeling tuckered out
Lonely and quite blue
Be apprised of this fact dear one
Jesus wholly loves you
There’s a coat rack in the hall
Strong and oh so empty
Longing to hold your hat
Come one, and come all
Hang all of your troubles, on the oldest wooden tree
Take a load off all of your weary bones …
There’s plenty of room upon the oldest wooden tree
Plenty of room on His settee
Hang your hat, breathe in …
Drop your troubles there
The coat rack waits quietly
For all your heavy cares
Close your weary eyes
The whole weight disappears
Upon the oldest wooden tree
Releasing all your fears
Hang all of your troubles, on the oldest wooden tree
Take a load off of all your weary bones …
There’s plenty of room upon the oldest wooden tree
Plenty of room on His settee
Words and Music By
Kelly S Griswold

All God’s Dreams

Keep all your dreams
All God’s dreams you can find
But don’t let the worldly things
Consume your heart or mind
With a heavenly mind
God’s wisdom will abound
and keep your feet firmly planted
On stable ground …
Humble beginnings,
remembering your roots
With faith in God
You’ll bear good fruits
Meditate upon
God’s word, His truth
Come to Him as a child
As you have heard in your youth
Trusting in Jesus
So safe and secure
Trusting in Jesus
He’s your dream come true
Kelly S Griswold

Echo of God’s Love

In God’s window of my dreams
With sunshine in the store
All the little dolphin joys
Are breaking through the door
The old familiar whistle call
To come to rest inshore
The echos heard by loyal chums
Of kettles, bowls and drums
A love song hidden in my heart
God’s glory heard doth incubate
I am surely satisfied
When I learn to wait

Christmas Bells in Clover

Even though they’ll be no ring
Or message, on the phone
There is a love light, shining bright
Above my headboard roan
Safe within my heart, heaped up
Sweet Presence, present there
A silver tinseled tree of blue
In hues of Jesus here …
Memories, so strong and wise
Of root and rung and rover …
My heart aglow, with her bright grin
Christmas bells in clover
Reminding me, of love that sings
Her lullaby, ne’r over
With all the Love, that Jesus brings
Christmas time in stover
Thinking of you, Mom
This Christmas Time
And always …
Kelly S Griswold

The Beautiful Kite

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; an lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths”

The Beautiful Kite

Investing the time in building the kite
A string and it’s strength… and a test of the fight
When all of a sudden, The wind took to flight
The tension grew tight, I held on for dear life
(Fly away pretty for your own sake
Fly away beautiful; string don’t you break)
Just past my reach, in the great big sky
I let go, and Let God as it floated on by
The one in control of the wind and the tail
Would protect the wild kite
Until safely in veil
(So fly away pretty for your own sake
Fly away beautiful; string’s they do break)
I remembered the Charge
Never hold on too tight
In God’s love, trust is freedom
and all is quite right
kg. 14
Inspired tonight by gale force winds.
Stay warm friend
Rest well and sweet dreams

Easters New Life

Isaiah 43:1 “But now thus saith the Lord, that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.”

Spring brings new life after the difficult winter. The harness of winter has left its mark, but under the ground the roots are ready to bring forth their beauty. Beauty that will wipe away winters stains.

Easter also brings us new life as we remember the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. No one suffered as He did on the cross, and He did it for us. His resurrection gives us all new hope.

The hardness of life has left many stains or burdens on our hearts. We are not able to handle them in our own strength. Jesus wants us to lay our burdens at the cross and look to Him and know His redemptive love.

He knows our names. We are His. We are precious in His site. He will never let us go. He has us in the palm of His hands. We can trust Him in all things. See Him as He sees each one of us. Our roots in Him are strong, and beauty is ready to spring forth.

Happy Easter,
In Christ,

My Irish Lullably

Turn the key, it’s always open love
Lift your weary eyes unto God
Let him soothe you now, and bear all your pain
Come to The One who frees all
If Your heart, be heavy from burden
He’ll break all those shackles your in
Let Him cleanse you deep … and you lull you to sleep
Be washed, white as snow, in the fountain …
Leave all your sins, at the cross …
Come rest, in His wonderful love
Fall like a babe, in a Mothers arms
In Jesus … You are safe from all harm
Leave all your sins
At the cross … “A leanbh”
Come rest, in His wonderful love
Fall, like a babe, in a Mothers arms
In Jesus … You are safe from all harm
An Irish Lullaby
By Kelly S Griswold