Number One

I’m number one in God’s book.
Number one in His heart
To Jesus, I’m everything
My heart, hurt and heavy
Holy Spirit, I need Thee
Come heal my very being
I need nothing at all but You …
Nothing at all, you see
Anything, that I, receive in this world
You’ve given Your all for me
You are my everything
All the things of this world
Pretty as they be
Their just the icing …
upon the cake
Jesus … You are …
Jesus … You are …
Jesus … You are …
The cake … indeed
I’m number one in God’s Book
Number one in His heart
To Jesus, I’m everything
My heart, hurt and heavy
Holy Spirit, I need Thee
Come heal my very being
Words and Music by
Kelly S Griswold

Amber Grass

At last, the hope of Spring has come
Tis naked ‘pon the amber grass
Yearning for the light of day
Brushing gainst my back alas
I feel the sun break through the glass
Inside the meadows, side rungs rail
Pale Edgings of cold winter shale
Uncovering the litten pass
Kelly S Griswold

Safe It’s Spring

I opened my eyes looking
Up from my bed
Hearing sweet music
Of Heavens sweet mandolins
Waiting for spring
Though not to speak less of winter
I’m safe under God’s love
And His tender warm wing
As snow fades ‘cross the land
Giving water it’s way
Moving rivers round mountains
My heart and soul blessed
The beauty my God makes
Of a winter long
As Winter breaks free
Spring’s victory song
Kelly S Griswold


One day
The tears fell like rain
One by one
Hitting the frozen tundra
I heard Him call out my name
I felt His love and warmth
I learned to let go and let God
To breathe. To trust in Him
Faith was given freely to me
By a great and mighty God
His name, Jesus
Who died on a cross for me
And broke asunder, the chains
That were choking the life out of me
Gone was the stagnancy, the heaviness
The stench of death
My sin and It’s pain
His blood had cleansed me
My debts had been paid by Him
The burdens of my heart had drifted away
A new heart was beating in me
In a new way
Freedom was in it’s rightful place
Freeing up my lungs
To breathe …
Breaking forth new wisdom and understanding
Birthing in me
New life and peace
For eternity

It’s all about the Love

It’s not in the Bins
(It’s all about the Love)
All the bins are rollin
Turning on a dime
Here they come a tollin
In three quarter time
Watching all the fanfare
Let’s go another round
The angels are brigadin
At the second chance pound
All the bins upended
Singing hear their hum
It’s not in the bins friend
It’s in the rhythm of the drum
Throw your hands right up
With fresh new hat and glove
It’s not in the bins friend
It’s all about the love
All the bins a rollin
Turnin on a dime
Here they come a rollin
In three quarter time
kg. 15
words and music
Kelly S Griswold

Holy Spirit Morning

Holy Spirit Kind of Morning
Come Holy Spirit
Touch me with your fire…
You are my comfort
My utmost desire
With rod and staff, You lead me
Intercede, defend
Thank You for Your power and love
My helper, my friend …
Hold me In Your Heart
Hold me In Your Ways
Hold me in your Arms
Hold me in Your Grace
I’m singing of Your praises
In flight, as the lark
On this special journey Lord
To You, Christ, I embark
Holy Spirit, teach me
In Your ways I learn
Your guiding light … is ever on
Your wisdom to discern
Words and Music
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Susurrous Sounds

I hear the susurrous sounds
Pins that pluck on downward
The music box is playing
Round and round with spring
Cylinders are moving
Slipping o’er bumps
Tuning forks and sounding beams
Soothing me in dreams
And I love you so
With all my heart and soul
Sleep will soon abound for me
Sewing up the seams
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Spirit of the Lord

“Trust in The Lord
And lean not to thine own understanding
In all thy ways acknowledge Him
And He shall direct thy paths”
Proverbs 3
Zechariah 4-6
“Not by power nor by strength, But by my Spirit Says the Lord
Lord this moment, we give all of our problems, and struggles to You.
You are perfect and You are perfect love.
Fill us with your Holy Spirit to love others as You love us. Give us the strength to carry on each day and the power to stand for Your Name.
It is not of our own strength or power, but through The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
We are provided for, safe, sound, and happy because of You alone. We are victorious in You
Humbly, we give You thanks and praise for each new day,

Snow Bright

A beautiful clear Mornin
So wintery and white.
A cup of sweet tea, Chamomile
Darlings dew delight
I think I may
A vanilla cream I might
So soft and light
With day dreams in sight
As time rolls the tongue
Honeys afterglow
In my hearts eye wide
Photos of snow
Disappearing hands
in lieu of light
new day calling
The new day bright

Kelly S Griswold

Ever Near

Feel the soft wind swing and sway
Gently weaving songs of prayer
Birch trees crackle, flap and shake
Pine trees whistle in the air
Yet still, the small voice in our heart
With You oh God, our strength is here
As sheep in fields, we hear Your voice
Resting grace with reverent fear
In our groaning, You do hear
As we find pasture in Your gates
Rejection flown far far from here
Fill us with Your wisdoms wait
With Letting go, and humble tears
You touch our brow with healing care
Holy Spirit ever near
Rest is Christ the Lords sweet lair
Kelly S Griswold