Breaking The Tears “Living In the Reality”

Living in the Reality

We all get rejected sometimes. Jesus Christ got rejected and had done absolutely nothing wrong.

I get rejected, but my confidence is in Christ. I do my best and let God do the rest. I’m not perfect; that’s for sure; but when I miss the mark, I admit my faults; and I’m very sorry, when I hurt someone. I apologize, with no excuses. If I am not accepted,
I’ll just keep on loving and forgiving. Thanking God
for loving us.

I know that I am blessed, just to see another day; and to breathe another breath from God.
Everyday is a gift from God. I am blessed, beyond, compare;
even in separation, reproach, or even
If cast out by anyone in this world; I know that God who’s name is Jesus Christ, will never ever leave me. That is where my fortitude comes from.
That’s what the Lords love is all about.
Christ forgave us for our sins; He loved us in the midst of our transgressions; He cleansed us from our sins and covered us with His love by dying on the cross for us.
I count it all joy for the cause of Christ sufferings. I know that God’s steadfastness is the result.

People who seek the truth from God, will find what is true.
Nothing matters more than His perfect love that keeps growing inside our heart. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than to live in the true love of God, who is our Savior, Jesus Christ.
We see best, when Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom of Jesus; His unconditional love … to love and let the pain go. This kind of love has eyes of compassion; that are on Christ and not on us, but on the one who made the sacrifice to set us all free.


Trusting God

Diverge from stress, oh yes, oh yes
Yet ne’er digress back to the mess
One road high, the other low
Our thoughts to Jesus,
Off we go

Fret not ere, the future dear
We do not know, what’s over there
God’s word, it smooths the roughest path
He lights the road
and lifts our cares

The victory clear oh yes, oh yes
Trust God, and not in friend or foe
Walk on with Him, His ways not ours
Our thoughts to Jesus
Off we go

Kelly S Griswold

Great Northern

Great Northern fronts
Can be quite blunt
Back and forth
With a kick, pass punt

Patience for shock waves
With chiming windmills
They cannot behave
Then soon become still

With tears on my face
I tend to the mill
Much fulfillment attained
In this long winters’ chill

Trusting in God
The key to my strength
With endurance, resilience
To go the length

Soft winter cloths
Caress me with salve
For deep, cracked smiles
At the frozen improv

Crisp, sunny days win out
Leading love to the verse
Settling yesterdays’ bout
With the cold winters burst k

By Kelly S Griswold


Time, it cannot melt the truth
Or wax itself unkind
I felt the rain
But don’t regret
The love, it left behind
The long long road
Lit up with strength
Where God’s sweet Glory
Bound in length
With needles hidden
Healed the pain
Where all one’s pride
Must learn to die
With stupefying fights all fixed
Where pity pays no mind to mix
Love’s labor changes lies for truth
One of loves greatest lessons
To be learned

Kelly Griswold

All God’s Dreams

All God’s dreams

Keep all your dreams
God has planned for you
But don’t let the world
Overshadow the view

With a heavenly mind
God’s wisdom abounds
Your feet firmly planted
Upon stable ground …

With Humble discernment
Remember your roots
Your faith in the good Lord
Will bear good fruits

Meditate long
God’s word, His truth
Come to Him as a child
As heard in your youth

Trusting in Jesus
He’s right there for you
Giving all to the Savior
Your dreams will come true

Kelly S Griswold

Echoes of God’s Love

In God’s window of my dreams
Yellow, bright the sunshine in the store
All the dolphins dancing round me tightly
We’re breaking through the golden doors

The old familiar whistle calls me
Sounds of rest on shining shores
Echoes heard in unison by loyal chums
With kettles, bowls, drums galore

A victory song inside my heart
God’s glory bellows through the gate
My soul is quiet; I am satisfied,
For I have learned to live and wait

Kelly s Griswold

Lord We need Your Help

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit; than he that taketh a city.”
Proverbs 16-32

Gods’ grace friend, is greater than all the stresses that come our way, and greater than all of the mistakes we make when we miss the mark in dealing with them. God loves us, and he wants us to put our total trust in Him.

I am so thankful that God gives me His grace.

Friend, even though we are imperfect and do things wrong, He loves us. God teaches those whom He loves by disciplining us. You heard the phase ” If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t discipline you”.

Jesus is patiently waiting in line for us to call to Him for the power to walk in His ways and live the way He wants us to live. Our heart, soul and mind must be always looking to Him. He put His life on the line for us. He did everything the Father in Heaven asked Him to do, even to die on the cross for our sins. Oh how we need to be like Jesus.

I want to be filled with His ways and not my own.

With all of the stressful situations that we are going through, Lord help us to obey you in the tough situations; and to display Your love and Your grace; one to another always. This kind of attitude requires steadfastness and the diligence of prayer without ceasing for a mighty touch from God through His Holy Spirit’s love and power.

This is what I want for Christmas; the fruits of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. They’re ours, just for the asking. A simple prayer. That sounds like this to me.
“Jesus I need You” “Help me to love like You do.”

At this time of year, things can be even more stressful than normal. Reach out and touch someone with His grace today. Let us put Gods eyes, ears and heart on, full of His mercy. With His benevolence and extravagant grace strewn in the path of every weary traveler that we see along the way. We all need The Savior in His abundant love. Thank you for each moment of this joyous Season.
Have a great and grace-filled Day friend,
You are so loved k

Kelly S Griswold

A Sons Love of His Mother

I found this beautiful card tucked inside a box secured.
A card, with a beautiful poem on it
It reads something like this, through the mist.

I’m going to love you forever
Can you handle that?”

From your Son Daniel

I had remembered these precious words; but to find them was so very special

The note reads on …

Graceful mind of servants fill the head
Of the hallowed halls of Griswold
Glass and carpet meld to form this simple manor
Of blues and wood
Where love and family live
In a harmonious timely routine
That always changes
The great does leave her mornings
To support her blooming children
She Honors them within their individual minds
Because her tasks are each fulfilled
Without any of the other knowing
And she rarely asks for any help from the busy kin she rears
Respect permeates the soul of this humble fortress
And she’ll never worry about the loss of any good thing
Because her prayers are longing and sincere
The God of Abraham honors her faithful service …
Her family loves her

Daniel Robert Griswold

Healing Place

“Call unto me and I will answer thee
And show thee great and mighty things
Which thou knowest not”
Jeremiah 33:3

Someone’s’ crying on their pillow
Someone’s praying unbeknownst
Holding each tear in a jar
And counting them like stars

When pressures are a many
Festering a stye
Come closer to the Savior
Let him wash it from your eye

Oh the worry’s that we carry
Till to Him we cry
God is waiting patiently
To heal what goes awry

He knows each hair upon your head
Made you for His own
Count it joy to learn dear friend
You are not alone

God is able, let Him touch you
He’s at your beckon call
To bind up all the broken places
Pour His love and mend us all

Have a beautiful day, friend

Kelly S Griswold
Healing place

Lord, Your My Everything

My Lord You part the waters
My Lord You calm the sea
Lord You are my everything
Have domininion over me

Lord You are my comfort
Lord You are all I seek
Lord You have the answers
When everything looks bleak

Lord, Thank You for your love
Thank You for Your grace
Thank you for Your mercy
I’m in Your healing place

You Lead me on in power
My heart heaped up and free
Lifted far from all my efforts …
Reign fully over …. me …

Kelly S Griswold