Running Into You

Seacoast Waves

Running into You
Enveloped by the streams
Finding You, my lips are quenched
In love beyond my dreams

My wants have disappeared
There is nothing Lord but You
You are all I’ll ever need
Jesus; love is you

Your Love has captured me
New breath has made me whole
As white, as white, white surfacants
Your love; it floods my soul


Music and lyrics
Kelly S Griswold

Beyond the Tears

Deep thoughts this morning.
We all get rejected sometimes … I get rejected.
I do my best and let God do the rest.
I’m not perfect; that’s for sure.
But when I miss the mark, I admit my faults.
I’m very sorry, when I hurt someone.
I’ll just keep on loving, and thanking God
for loving me.

I know that I am blessed, just to see another day; and to breathe the God given air.
Everyday is a gift from God. I am blessed, beyond, compare;
even in separation, reproach, or even if cast out.
That’s what the Lords love is all about.
He loved us in the midst of our transgressions;
and He covers us with His gentle hand of love while dying on the cross for us.
I count it all joy for His sake because of the cross.
I know that in time, people who seek the truth, will figure out what’s true and what’s not.
The proof is in the pudding.
Nothing matters more than His love that keeps growing in me.
There is nothing more real; than to see the true love of God,
The Savior Jesus Christ; who bent down on that tree to save both you and me.
We see best, when the Holy Spirit gives us the wisdom of Jesus; His unconditional love … to love and let the pain go.
This kind of love has eyes of compassion; that are not on me, but on the one who made the sacrifice to set us all free. K

Rest In His Arms

“Be angry and sin not; do not let the sun go down upon your wrath”

I’ve made my mistakes in life. Sensitivity, knee jerking and such; needing much help from above.
It is best to let slights go and never hold a grudge. I am much too busy loving all the beautiful things in people, than to pay too much attention to the things that have hurt me. We all have problems. Everyone makes mistakes.
I’ve learned that my confidence must come from God alone. He made me fearfully and wonderfully; and my happiness and contentment comes from The Lord.
I love people and I love hope. All people need The Lord.
Wisdom is to seek him In all things.
I apologize, even If the other person has hurt me. Is there something I can do better, I pray. Love seeks not it’s own.
After all, God has forgiven me when I was at my lowest and worst.
What a precious sound of the Holy Spirit in my heart. The sweet and freeing sound of forgiveness.
I love you with the love that God has given to me. I see you in the Light of Jesus Christ and His love for you.
Draw close to Him tonight friend, as you lay your head to the pillow; and rest in the arms of God’s perfect love. His love for you is forever.
You can cry if you want. Listen to His gentle words “Lo I’m with you always until the end of the age.”
You see, His arms never get tired holding you. You are precious to Him; and He wants to take care of you. You matter. He wants to free you from all of your past hurts and pain. He bore it all on the cross. He wants to touch your heart and heal you.
He sees you and He knows you. He loves you so much that every hair on your head is numbered. The times He thinks of you out number the sands of the sea.
He created you to be with Him; growing in His love, peace and happiness.
He’ll touch you with His love and He will never let you go. Yes, you may have pitfalls; but He will pick you up again, and wipe those tears away. He will always protect and deliver you. In the process, He will sow miracles of love into your being.
Have a beautiful night friend. You are so loved.

Kelly S Griswold

In Christ Alone We Trust

From the beginning of time
History repeats itself
Without God …
The downward spiral of society is clear
People sow with unkind ideas
As Jesus weeps …
They do not care, nor do they fear
Gods holy presence is not revered
Godly authority all but displaced
Lies flourish in misplaced grace
Courtrooms slay, in the name of selfish rights
Ignoring justice to fix the fights
Power, influence, acquittals, talk
The innocent fall between the cracks
Blinded crowds, glare and gawk
Cutting insults as we walk
How does one even feel from here
As they assuage guilt and dodge the truth
Deafened ears unabashedly pound on
This world so callous and cavalier
Having lost respect for life and morality
With halls of fame that lead to shame
Until their eyes look up; and be born again
God is attuned, to the humble man
He whispers in our hearts to see
The Cross, a bursting light of dawn
Where God reconciled to us
The day He covered all of our sin
That leads us to His promised land
Many a mans dreams come to naught
But God breaks through … with perfect plan
Emanuel “God with us”
Who felt our pain from deep to deep
When all was vanity, fitful sleep
Enter, The Shepherd, the Prince of peace
Who melts our egos. . . to quietus
We realize we are His beloved sheep
We follow Him whose name is Jesus
He is the trophy, that we seek
He is strong and we are weak
He is justice, mercy, peace
He is our Constitution, speak
“In Christ alone we trust, and seek”

Kelly S Griswold

ref Isaiah 53

Java House

The fishing jigs are callin out my name
Flaggin me down
To venture out of my balmy bob house
To slip and slide cross the ice
This fishing scene is in my blood
Good for the old patience
More of a waiting game
I’ve needed the diversion
And today I’m feelin mighty good
I’m a player and this is a standup gig
Meetin new people and havin a ball
As expert fishermen stare at their Jigs
Until the fish are flipping on the grid
Tapping the glass, in the feisty feis
Gettin hooked down the fiery line
Nothin yet
But sometimes they catch four, or five
No one caring bout troubles
They’re all left behind
Me, I’m back on land now, with my vintage sign
“Hot Coffee” and a string along song
At the frozen improv
More my forte, to hear great big fish stories
come alive
To see the gleam in a little boys eye
Bringing misty tears every time
“Breaker breaker one nine!”
“More frozen body parts coming my way!”
The only solid tips I’ve felt all day
One cup, two cups … maybe more …

Kelly S Griswold

My Irish Lullaby

Look up, dear child to Jesus
Lift your bonnie eyes to Him
Let him soothe your stress
And weary mind
Of all that is burdensome

If Your heart is hurt snd broken
From burdens deep within
Let It be washed in the fountain
He’ll wash away your sin

Come to the cross of forgiveness
Rest in Gods’ wonderful love
Fall like a babe in a Mothers arms
You are safe from all hurt and all harm

Kelly S Griswold
May His love enfold you tonight and always friend
You are beautiful in His sight

Painting in oils by Sarah Griswold


The first snow is a dusting down
Upon the evergreens
Winter has it’s classic cover
Comforting, serene

Pulchritudinous and solemn
Uncluttered, and so clean
Orderly, and sterile cotton
Perfect, and pristine

As winter slows our mind to sound
Winter slows our steps
All the way through winters cold
We learn how Jesus wept

We look up toward the heavens wide
Love cuts our frozen stride
So intimate, our walk with Jesus
As first snow’s dusting scene arrives

By Kelly S Griswold

New Morning

“As the Deer panteth for the water-brook
So my soul longeth after Thee”
Psalms 42

Each new morn, The Lord doth bring
His beauty He bestows,
The heart, in holy strength and hope
The Spirits budding rose

With springs of holy power, we cope
Oh Savior Christ; we learn
To look to You; our bright repose
We yearn for Your return

As the brook will wind and turn
There’s no more fear, for bumps
What a joyful song we sing
Trusting God, for each new jump

We praise You by the river side
We praise You In the flood
Our heart and soul, is purified
There’s cleansing in the blood

Kelly S Griswold

Have a joyful New Years friend
You are Beautiful

Echo of God’s Love

In God’s new window of my dreams
With sunshine in the store
All the little dolphin joys
Are breaking through the door

An old familiar whistle call
Dreams of rest, not far from shore
Echoes heard by loyal chums
With kettles, bowls and drums galore

A love song hidden in my heart
God’s glory heard, doth incubate
And I am surely satisfied
When I learn to live and wait

Kelly s Griswold

All God’s Dreams

All God’s dreams

Keep all your dreams
God’s dreams for you
But don’t let the worldly things
Overshadow you

With a heavenly mind
God’s wisdom abounds
Your feet firmly planted
Upon stable ground …

With Humble beginnings,
Remembering your roots
Your faith in the good Lord
Will bear good fruits

Meditating upon
God’s word, and His truth
Come to Him as a child
As heard in your youth

Trusting in Jesus
He’s right there for you
Giving all to the Savior
Is your dream come true

Kelly S Griswold