Smooth Sailing

I felt God’s love from up above
As I confessed my sin
Sweet conviction tender still
Cleansed me deep within

As I brought it straight up to the Lord
The pain and guilt rescind
Holy Spirit flowed in grace
With His cool and gentle wind

Removed the heaviness within
How clearly I saw You
Falling fresh upon me Jesus
Your love shined through

Freed at last, for I was forgiven
Heaven opened wide
I owe my life to Jesus Christ
Who ransomed me and died

Holy Father filled with power
Tears were rolling in
Like a river in my heart
Cleansing deep past sin

The new day came with sweet relief
Yielding to You whole
Comfort solace reassured
Peace from You alone

Kelly S Griswold

The Dawning

Dearest oh Lord
As evening doth fade
The new morning dawns
With sun on the glade

Your still quiet voice
I am tuned to oh Lord
With the angels resounding
In Holy accord

You Fill up my being
With Exultation
Your great love and life
Leading me on

Kelly Sampson Griswold


Praise Him though the night my child
Feel your heart go light
His quitting clouds shall cover thee
When faith regards the night

Oh what troubles fade away
Nothing matters more
Jesus with you all night through
A peaceful sleep in store

Kelly S Griswold

Her Call

She had a voice
as soft As a babies breath
Yet It carried
Through the deepest canyons
To gather back her quiver full
To the rivers rest
And all that she lived for
Was her children at her breast
She was finest at refining
Her gold in her nest

Kelly S Griswold/

Better Things

“He will cover you with His feathers
Under His wings you will find refuge”
Psalm 91

Better things

Placing all our brokenness
Into The Fathers hand
His soft laid wing, that broke our fall
In Jesus, safely land

Strong and beating heart, now live
In New life, rest your brow
Gone, the sorrows, gone the pain
The time to rest is now

When our best laid plans, release
And seem to come to nought
Resting neath His wings, we see
Better things has Jesus wrought

Kelly S Griswold

Springtime Menagerie

Tea for me
Outside today
In the bower cafe
I’m watching,
As all the newly born, buds appear
Abiding in the vine
In honor of our stately King
Sprouting upward, outward and skyward
Leaping near, soft carpets of creeping phlox
Reaping wreathes, for roses
Breathing in clouds of dainty mist
Neath the weeping umbrella
With it’s cotton candy tufts
Hanging over big green elephant flaps and tusks
Towering atop the living rocks
In purples, blues, yellows, greens
Such a colorful menagerie
Enfolding me
The sun is breaking free
My mind is buzzing
But for a moment
I’m a sitting bee

Kelly S Griswold

I Know A Man

I know a man, that I could not be more proud of. He was walking down the street, in downtown Boston; and to his surprise, came upon a man, lying in the street, being kicked and punched over and over in the head. This man I know, intervened, hollered at, and scared the perpetrator away! The poor man was lying on the ground. He had no legs and his wheel chair was at quite a distance from him. The victims money (What was left of it) was strewn upon the ground around him. The Good Samaritan, Incredible Hulk, lifted him and put him back into his wheel chair; and he gathered his money and gave it to him. I am saddened to hear that many pedestrians just walked on by. Thank God for heroes in my book, good samaritans. This man I know, that I am so proud of is my son Aaron. xoxo

The Joy of Life Divine

I’ve learned, that it’s best not to murmur
Toils come our way, that’s for sure
A rougher path, builds lasting wisdom
Dodge all the barbs, taunting lure

Not ‘round, up the mountain, straight to the glen
If rocky path, mine, up again
Persevere long and to God, leave the why
To God give it, even the when

Sunshine is always over shadow
Illuminating light o’er my shoes
The rainbow breaks through in it’s His due time
Someday, the resolution ensues

If I persevere, in faith
I’ll reap a harvest, of white
Waiting on God, is the royal way
The joy of life, tis mine

Kelly S Griswold

I’d Rather Love

Better to serve than to fix
The Lords perfect love in the mix
Discern how and when
To listen once again
Finding the heart line my friend

Never undermine, let time unwind
The beauty of His healing hand
Perfectly timed
Best to water than nix
Although painful; the lesson is learned …

All the while, the bud gently opens
And love grows anew, flawlessly
The rose beholds
The most graceful stem turned
Showing it’s face unto Thee

Kelly S Griswold

Lady Slipper

Lady slippers,popping
Gently dot the ground
Backyard woods are sipping sap
In this old shanty town

One Golden fertilizer shell
God springs them one by one
Perfect porridge from His well
Birthed, His mastery, done

Entrusting to His future
Faith revealed in such
His Sovereignty in each new bloom
So soft, The Masters touch

Tip toe, lovely moccasin
My eyes behold Your belle
Made by Thee, for all to see
His promise, ethereal

Kelly Sampson Griswold