Wisdom Whispers

As I walked the field behind my house
I saw it yesterday
Great swellings from the earth below
Where tiny mice had played

Peeked and reared their little heads
Twasn’t squeaks I heard that day
More like roaring lions cries
A voice beyond reasons way

A great big sign upon the land
Fed the mountains from lifted lung
And then they fell and crumbled up
From where they once had hung

All the spaces voiced expanse
Along the throats canals
Dissipating pockets closed
For a higher rational

Humbled by a void of care
Wisdom whispered clear
A belly full from long ago
Much ado of nothing here

Swellings from the earth below
Within our hearts we bear
In quietness we then are built
To be God’s loves earthenware

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Turn Me Around

A New Way

This is mercy
To love your enemy as yourself
To be kind to those who are hurting
To think of them as future friends
Where forgiveness reigns
and all can mend.
How will they know
Till you extend the ways of love
in turn
To break chains of yesterday
Resisting the urge to hurt back
With knee jerks under leaves of grass
Instead, apologizing for your own wrong
Depriving the blunder of it’s sting
For God is love inside the slight
Liberating us in His song of peace
Sailing off a unified flight

Kelly S. Griswold

When the going gets tough, The tough read the Word – Kelly S Griswold


Love Thy Neighbor

I stood up tall today
relied on God’s strength
With the use of the pulley
Lifted my weight

In a Christlike way
set into action
Strength of my faith
Thwarted a faction

Loved my dear neighbor
As it were myself
In humility shored
Shielded in stealth

In more ways than one
Walked away in wealth
Walked away in silence
Walked away In health

Kelly Sampson Griswold

You Are My Song

Thank You for the new day Lord;
for Your love and sunshine that warms our face.

“For The Lord is a sun and shield; The Lord bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”
Psalms 84:11

The sun is a light that shines outwardly through the trees with it’s rays to reveal what is going on everywhere. It is a guide for our path. His shield of light is our protection from the darkness and the darts of this world, that wish to destroy.
We shine the light that we have received from Him, Jesus; whose love lives within our heart. We shine it outwardly to others. I humbly worship You in the sunshine Lord, and even more so, in the shade. It is in the heavy times that we see the most through You. We receive Your great wisdom.

Thank You for loving me Lord, in my lowly state and shining Your light in me so that I can sing of your greatness out to others.
“You are loved by an awesome and mighty God who is your light and strength”

Have a super day k

I’d Rather Love

Better to serve than to fix
The Lords perfect love in the mix
Discern how and when
To listen once again
Finding the heart line my friend

Have patience, time will unwind
Our beauty with His healing hand
Perfectly timed
He will water, not nix
Although painful; the lesson is learned …

All the while, the bud gently opens
And love grows anew, flawlessly
The rose; it beholds
The most graceful stem turned
As it grows turns it’s face unto Thee

Kelly S Griswold

Lady Slipper

Lady slippers popping
Lightly dot the ground
The backwoods deep, are sipping sap
In this ancient, shanty town

One Golden fertilizer shell

God springs them one by one 

Perfect porridge from His well

Birthed, His mastery, done

Entrusting to His future 

Faith revealed in such 

His Sovereignty in each new bloom

So soft, The Masters touch 

Seed by single seedling
Old things are now set free
Lord Jesus bares His beauty born
His tranquil sanctuary

Tip toe, lovely moccasin 

My eyes behold Your belle 

Made by Thee, for all to see

His promise, ethereal


Words and Music
Kelly Sampson Griswold

Perpetual Porch Light On

On an old familiar country road
Done kickin up the dust
With every little nook and cranny
Loved past wanderlust

At the end of the road, beyond the bend
A gate, always unlatched
Where your ne’er a stranger, but a friend
In love no strings attached

A country cabin, sits back lone
Perpetual porch light on
With rocking chairs and moccasins
For stories, told till dawn

With fire aglow and featherbed
We’ll all sleep when sleep is due
With Gods’ abundant love bestowed
Neath the grace of another moon

Ne’er a stranger lovely love
I miss you when your gone
God love you and protect you
Perpetual porch light on

Kelly Sampson Griswold

Listening To The Spirit

Hearing the beautiful birds singing this Mornin. I love their predictability and consistency.
Clearly yodeling out a song for you and me and for the new day. Some of their songs are carefree,
light and airy tunes that grace the ears; and some are gutteral and deep like a thick bed of green
velvet moss that’s been growing for years. And you belong right there along with them.
Soar right out there friend, like a bird. Let the world see your beautiful smile. Let them hear your song.
As your gearing up for the new week, keep in mind that all the new challenges that you will meet
in the forest of your dreams have already been met by your maker Jesus Christ first.
Surrender your ways and thoughts to Him and filter them through Him throughout the day to His ways;
and you will see things in whole new way; in His love and benevolence.

He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. Is. 26:3

Meeting God as you wake each morning and taking Him with you through the day ensures the peace you need.
If circumstances come your way that are difficult … And they come … Remember …
You are more than conquerers through Christ who loves you and strengthens you.
Keep yielding yourself to God and He will give you all the love you need; and desiring to be like
Him is all you need. Soon it’ll be spillin over the brim of your cup and touching others for His good.
Trusting Him, day by day turns into month by month and year by year.
This kind of love builds and carries, year after year in peace and Happiness that is deep within you.
When the yodeling comes from way down deep, it’s like a belly laugh.
This happiness is as constant as a blue birds song in the morning.
Have a great day, filled with God’s perfect love and wondrous fulfillment xo

Do not be afraid; for you are worth many sparrows
-Matthew 10:31