Kelly Sampson Griswold

Kelly Sampson Griswold is an Indie Singer-Songwriter. A New England native from Boston, Massuchusetts. She is related to Hollywood Actress/Singer Joan O’Brien. People have been known to seek out her music for the universal feelings she exudes from deep within a heaped up heart and open faced sandwich style. You will find Kelly unexpectedly singing in unusual places such as The Robert Frost Farm, Massebesic lake, Train Stations, Starbucks,… almost anywhere. She is inspired by her love of people and nature; hence the heavy personification that glimmers and shines through deep symbolic music.

Her personal interests include singing, friendship, nature walks, coffee talk, Bible reading, novel books, and boxing to de-stress!

Kelly Griswold – singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar
“Notoriety Oxymoron Band”
Deborah Webb – violin
Chantelle Griswold – mandolin, viola, sax,
Harry King
Sam Kennedy – drums
Larry Griswold – Sound Engineer

Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. , Daniel Griswold-For Sheriff, Third Day, Creedence Clear Water Revival, Byrds, John Denver, “Notoriety Oxymoron Band”. All of our experiences in life that bring us closer to Jesus.